Friday, May 21, 2010

151.4 What a day!!!!!!!!

So I have a packed cooler to carry all my foods and my little guys pedisures in. When all the other kids hit the bus we hit the road. I have it timed so that I can make all my potty spots and hit the end of the 3 hour drive to the Endocrinologist Dr. or Grow Doc as my other kids call him with an extra 30 min to spare window by 10:30 am. Drive time is pretty good he asks to stop at my regular stop and we jump back in to get to the next potty spot about 1 hour away. After that we hit the spot where I am supposed to take an upper division freeway that moves me away from the clogging artery that is downtown traffic jam, I miss the get off spot because a truck won't let me in and I have noticed that several cars are getting off. I decide to stay in the fast lane or commuter lane and when I can I will take the next freeway that will keep me out of the downtown traffic clog. CRAP 9:40 am all of a sudden everyone is at a dead stand still and I have thirty min to get to the top of the valley which if I hadn't missed the first get off I would almost be there. Then I can't wiggle my way over the 5 lanes to the next get off so I end up stuck having to go all the way to the downtown get off and all thirty extra min eaten by some kids that were all standing on the side of the freeway. There wasn't even smashed cars and the whole 5 lanes for 30 min can't hardly get past the 5 cop cars, I guess talking to the 5 kids.
You do not be late to this Doctors office. He is only in on Mon. and Fri. till 11:30 and when I made this appointment he was booked 3 months out. We drive way to fast to get there and mercy is on our side someone else has slowed his whole day. I can't believe the stress, the news is good the little Jer is growing a tiny bit more and he is a perfect angle because he knows they will give him a great prize. Can you believe it the Doc wants to see us in 4 and 6 months and he is booked out 8 months.
Breakfast: I ate my grapefruit half before leaving the house.
Lunch: Precooked and seasoned chicken with melba toasts and salted celery sticks.
Dinner: Fajita beef, spinach leaves, grissini sticks, and an orange. I warmed my beef in a convenience stores microwave.
I was pretty good today, it's hard when your Little guy wants to share his fried chicken bite and his gummy candy bears (healthy kind) and you shouldn't refuse because you need to model that it's yummy to eat and that you are a willing eater. It sure screws up the diet plan.
Visiting a few like 4 novelty stores
Lets end the day with picking up the other young ones from my sis and being pulled over for a bulb out on my brights of a car that just past inspection, mercy again only a warning.
I have a bad headache!!!

I am greatful that my hubby was awake and carried all the bulk food into the house and took all the little boys up to bed right away. Good night, I am sleeping in in the morning!!

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  1. Oh my goodness. I HATE travel appointments. I'm glad you got to see the doctor. I'm also glad it was just a warning with the headlight. Woah.

    I can't believe you ALSO added in bulk shopping, health food, and novelty stores.