Friday, May 14, 2010

152.8 Toot Hoot Cabot Yeah!

I am so glad to finally see a new number that has no 5 near it. This round is being much harder for me to lose on and by 20 days I had come down it seemed so much more. I really do not like to have to do the reloading days even if I understand the why part of it for good fats around your organs. It is irritating that it took a week to lose it again and then finally move downward on the scales. Not to mention how the monthly visit really can tip you over and hold you hostage.
Wonder why we women have to be so complicated in our body makeup. I guess that's why guys have such struggles with figuring us out. Even we struggle to figure ourselves out sometimes.
I hope all these trips to the bathroom today show a nice reading in the morning cause I can not stay out of there today.
Brunch: I had my strawberries early in a smoothie I am hungry today.
Lunch: Halibut on Wasa with spinach and mustard spread.
Dinner: Fajita Chicken with lettuce wrap. Half a grapefruit.
Miles: 4 miles Run and Jog. Feeling so so good in my skin now.

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