Thursday, May 6, 2010

1.2 lbs drop no stall here whaoooooo.

So I must admit yesterday was a grumpy day. I felt so out of sorts and almost like Aunt Flo would come that day. I had no energy at all and I was tired. It didn't help that sleep alluded me the night before (thank goodness last nights sleep was nice) so this morning I thought for sure there would be a stall still. I was very happy to see the drop happen. I know there are inches leaving but who wants to do a daily measuring uggh not me.
So for the record so far I have these kinds of stats
I started at 184.0 Lbs
I am 155.0 Lbs today.
I gained 10 Lbs on the loading day and lost it in a week.
I have lost 29 lbs over 78 days.
That's over a three month time frame.
I think that is amazing considering how hard I tried before to lose even one dang pound.

Lunch: Well brunch Strawberry Smoothie, Blackened Halibut with fresh picked asparagus. Two melba toasts.I dipped my asparagus in my homemade mustard.
Dinner:Turkey burger on wasa with tomato and mustard and an Orange.
I cheated with a Spicy Maya Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bar (it had cayenne pepper in it).
MILES: 3 miles the last three min I ran. You could say I have officially started my The Couch to K5 Running Plan.

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