Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So I ate shrimp, jumbo shrimp grilled and I had cucumber salad with strawberries again. Can you tell that I have bought a big container of fresh strawberries. Ya and they are hidden in the bottom back of the fridge were boys and hubbies do not bend over to look. SHSHSHSH. HEEHEE.

I never got hungry today. Dinner was tomatoes sliced with Stevia on top and a melba round on bottom. Then the whole house went crazy boys going here and there to play since it's finally sunny. My Girl made plans for me to take all the horses and go to the arena and ride with several of her friends. It felt wonderful to be in a saddle and not be fat. Last year I could hardly fit my rear in the seat and everything jarred. Then when we got home boy-friends showed up to do homework and all little boys were sent to bed. Crazy I tell you Crazy.

Around 10:40 I realized that I had not cooked me a piece of protein meat nor eaten a fruit and it didn't matter cause I was too too tired.

Oh ya 4 mile walk/run now if i could just have enough time to get to 5 miles.

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