Sunday, May 9, 2010

155.8 Train Wrecked?????????

So I am doing this holding as can be seen from the Aunt Flo and a bit of an increase nothing like the last go round though. I eat my lunch of fish orange and cucumber salad with melba rounds broken on top and then go teach my little kids class. Yes some of those stupid fishy crackers did jump up to my mouth again. Over all though I feel like I am doing pretty well.
Then I am KIDNAPPED and pampered with dinner for MOTHERS DAY! And of course it's the worst place for HCG dieter to go to. THE CHINESE BUFFET. I was sorta careful, big salad mostly shrimp but it is always covered with sugar sauces or breading. Even the chicken has sauce on it. I also can not resist the California rolls or rice paper wraps. I did notice that I filled up really fast compared to before my HCG days. And I drank tons and tons of water. I ate only one egg roll and they were mini kind. I have never had that huge of a cheat day when doing the HCG. I hope that my metabolism is revved up now as compared to what its been like in the past before finding the HCG. (Thank you sweet hubby for making me not have to cook this year even if it kills the diet in the train wreck!:)
I was so full I couldn't even get into gear to go for a walk.
I hope tomorrow isn't a killer on me. I wore a shirt that I haven't been able to for five years that was nice. I think it was even more lose today then when I would try to wear it back those many days ago.
Here's to starting over tomorrow and being better at getting this last bit off.

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