Saturday, May 29, 2010

149.6 BOUNCE again.

Whats with this round I mean really a 3 to 6 days at a number. It's a crazy thing that's for sure.

Last night I realize how helpful my boys are with my littlest one and keeping me reminded of what to do for him. Mc. spent the large part of an hour talking him into eating bites of peanut butter on a cracker. The next time I went past the Reese's pieces were inside the cracker with the peanut butter and half of it was gone. I asked who had nibbled and Jer told me him and Mc. There was a mad winking of the Mc's eye as he denied that he had any nibbles. There were no dried blueberries gone, but well when you try to get anything into a non eating child half a cracker with peanut butter and Reese's pieces is a major accomplishment. I dug out the hungry med gave him some and got back on the treadmill. He insisted he was done so Mc got to eat the rest of the pieces and they left to jump on the tramp. 1 hour later I am grilling a hamburger mini size because the Jer boys med made his brain get a hungry message, still no blueberries are eaten. The Dad rescued them as he about threw them on the floor. UGHA it is so hard to diet when you have to push food into a non eater. To many tiny bits left that heaven forbid how could you wast them.
Then going to bed Z boy says "Mom you forgot Jer's shot" (he whispered it in my ear) so I run back down load it up so he can't hear all the beeping and run back up quickly attack his leg and it's over. Z tells him soothingly" it's ok I want you to become 6 and big like me, you will be ok just give it a second." They fall asleep Jer holding Z's hair twisted in his little fingers.

Breakfast: Roobios tea with a tablespoon coconut oil and lots of stevia in it.
Brunch: Apple
Lunch: Raw asparagus, grilled lean hamburger on one wasa cracker.
Dinner: TOTAL COMPLETE SABOTAGE ON TO MANY LEVELS. One of my many nephews is leaving to boot camp and they had a party. Potato salad, chips with bean corn salsa dip, another hamburger, cheese, then the why don't you try the banana pie or chocolate carmel pie. Now it's been about three months since I had any thing like those pies they were tiny pieces and finally I got the heck out of there. Love them all (the family) but I have got a goal to meet and HCG likes to burn that instead of my fat storage areas and there is going to be a huge bounce tomorrow I can tell.
Miles: 2 miles this morning, that's 4,923 steps. Slept on the treadmill trying to undo damage from family party. Really I did go to bed after doing 4.5 miles watching movies with kids. I am sure that was over 10,000 steps but my pedometer was my daughters this time and it didn't set to record right.

Got part of my garden in today since the wind finally quit blowing it across to the next big city.

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  1. AW. That reminds me of my sister. She has Leigh's disease and my mom worked with her for 6 or 7 years. There was so much enticing food around the house just to try to get her to take a bite. I sympathize so much.

    She finally got a G-tube, but I wish my mom was able to get a pump. She hasn't had a full nights sleep since she was born. Aside from the occasional visits to help with newborn grandbabies.

    If you did 4.5 miles AND you did 10000 steps, that means you did about 10 miles. Great work on the garden. Good grief. You are AMAZING woman. Amazing.