Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010 170.0 Wii, 169.0 New scales

THIS SUCKS! Yep I am paying for it, having eaten the pizza because I didn't eat before or be prepared last night. Next time I will make sure I have my chicken apple baggy salad or Shrimp picante lettuce wrap. Even a cold taco wrap would have been better. Or at least have grabbed an apple to keep from feeling like crashing out of hunger. So lesson learned breads with tiny tomato sauce and tiny veggies and lots of cheese is not easy for my body to handle. I will have to test this theory again by one addition at a time after this P2 with doing cheese first and then bread when its allowed. Lunch is going to be everything that's the lowest that's for sure. And I think I am going to go do what they call a detox bath with hottest water I can get and 2 cupsepsom's salt and 2 cups baking soda. Remember to cool down with shower after and before putting any soaps or shampoos on. Drink lots of water while your washing that fat out of those cells.
Lunch fish with picante sauce and lettuce together making only one cup worth and then I sprinkled the melba rounds on the top. Oh ya, I forgot to eat my grapefruit, I do not like them so I put powdered stevia on top and it was very good. Got me to the next eating time frame.
Dinner hmm coming up. Curry Chicken celery apple salad. I didn't even eat my melba toasts. I found the best calorie counting website today after watching a Youtube person named Mumzeeee and what her journey has been like. I love it because I can see the whole total and it records a record of it. Well time for sleep and early to rise. Oh well I ate my melba rounds at 7:30 started to feel a bit hungry sprayed right at eight.

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