Monday, March 22, 2010

163.8 Wii, BMI 27.96 163.2 new scales

Why do I have to do this up and down at all the strategic spots that I have ever weighed in my life??? Delivered the second to last son at this weight and stayed there for at least two years before my last pregnancy. It was a wild day and I almost didn't get my water drank for all the coming and goings.
Lunch shrimp on grilled tomatoes with grissini sticks and a few grilled onions. I forgot my fruit.
Dinner a bit of roasted beef with a lettuce wrap and apples slices maybe a forth of an apple. No Melba toast I didn't have time to calculate the calorie amount.
The hubby and I watched a show or info doc. on Dr.Danial Amen who promotes Change your brain Change your body, he said some pretty neat things to consider. "One is that the thoughts and things you say are so very important to the length of your life." "If it is continually negative statements that you say how can you ever have happiness and accomplishment and in the long run will shrink your brain and your life." "A very important thing to understand and know is your hormone level." "Also taking into account that if a cholesterol level is low this can cause you to be in a postion to have suicidal thoughts". Wow I guess I haven't ever had that problem but it makes me wonder what a person would not eat or do to have a way low cholesterol level and how the chemical break down would happen in your body. Also isn't everyone toting the keep your cholesterol level low anyway. So this must come back to a body needs good fats to protect the brain. I would really have liked to afforded to hear more of what he had to say but it's not in the pocket book. I need to buy my food more.
My hubby said that after stopping the HCG he heard that it is a good idea to use an estrogen cream like yam cream to help your body. I once had to do that after I felt so whacked out after having my fifth child and it really did help my hormones to settle. I remember feeling more energy and focus and less emotional. So on my list tomorrow is yam cream and yerba mata tea since I only have a week to shake these last few pounds and really didn't want to have to do another round.
The day was spent jumping on our trampoline with the whole family which I haven't done in years and walking a mile to take care of some fencing and then two miles on the tread mill watching shows. I felt great all day.

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