Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wii167.3 BMI 28.57 167 New scales

This is a nice morning no hungry pains last night or all day for that matter yesterday. I can feel the muscle pull where I did the leg lifts the night before and it feels tighter. I did side leg lifts this morning 30 both sides of course on my soft bed. I need a mat for my floor so I can do that with the Wii strength training. I am sucking my gut all day to help firm it up. I can definitely tell there is stretched skin from births. Well you can't go all the way back or you wouldn't have your little angels would ya. My partner is so goofy she called me and said "I am MELTING YES MELTING away." Not really but since she carries it all over that's how she feels about the fat cells being depleted. I need to get some of that YERBA MATA tea. If it really helps to sluff off the old unused cells lets get rid of them. That is saying a lot for me because I hate drinking tea. Even when I was a kid and my Mom would say "herbal tea is so healthy and good for your body as long as you do not drink it really hot." Bleak bleak bleak and make that another double bleak I didn't care. So they say raspberry tea helps keep your blood pressures down and aid the baby during pregnancy, here's me gaging it down. I always felt like it was just weakly sweetened water. So as you can see with this said I just drink my Stevia flavored 3 liters of water in the morning. Well I try to get the majority down by 12:00 noon so that I am not up at all hours of the night trying to sit on the throne because I didn't get it all drank early enough. Kudo to you beverage drinkers.
Lunch will be shrimp today and tomorrow so I am preparing ahead as I will need to do the salad in a baggy deal. Not sure the combo yet I'll get back with you tonight.
Oh the funny thing is my partner and I are both having days where we are grouchy or hungry both on the same day. Isn't that strange. Well we were both almost the same weight at the start point but it has seemed surprising to us to have the same kinds of emotional feelings on the same day. It also makes it easier to know that the day will be tough together.

GOAL: 6:00 am strength train right after getting on the Wii for 30 min everyday, except I have to leave really early before six tomorrow.

So lunch combo Curried shrimp with stevia on top of tomatoes slices. A lovely orange that I ate later in the day with grissini sticks.
Dinner Fish soup with Wasa cracker and think onion slices. That was yummy. I also made strawberry lemonade a bit weak because of adding to much water but that's ok. I also used all of my strawberries in the drink instead of just the two that the recipe calls for.
I didn't have one single hungry pain or craving need.

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