Monday, March 22, 2010

164 Wii 28.BMI 163.4 New scales

Oh ya that Dr.Amen yesterday said that a person should watch their BMI and it needs to stay below 30 to keep from being sick and having all kinds of problems.
AAAAAAHHHHHH this up and down makes me crazy by tomorrow it will be going down again. I think I must really need to be careful what I eat on phase 3 and make sure that I do not miss tracking what I eat so I can tell what foods would make me go back up on the scale in the end. Missed my goal workout this morning but I am going to try to get to it all day.
Lunch Crab with spinach and an apple and melba toast is the fare for the noon meal.
Changed did an orange instead and grissini stick. The orange just sounded better today.

Well I got some Yerba mata not sure I am going to like it. My partner cheated over the weekend and so she is on a quest to lose the two pounds and get back with me. So she already tried the tea and said it was not that great. So coffee drinkers I guess this one would be great for you. This is going to be tough for me since I do not like teas. It is supposed to lower your cholesterol level. Well I guess that's great I have no idea what mine is at so oh well.

So dinner was hamburger with my favorite picante sauce made enough for the whole family and now its all gone. Wasa cracker bun very full. Ate my apple at 5 because I couldn't get to dinner till 7:30pm. Isn't that just crazy one min your hungry and another you are too full. Well I am really agreeing with what Dr. Adkins says in his book wish I could express it all here but that's not realistic, just go get the book and learn. I drank some of the Yerba mata tea yucky but with enough French Vanilla Stevia I got it down. It did have a creamy taste at the end. I combined it with Dieters tea, trying all the tricks to get that last little ounces off before Day 40 hits. I read several things on the Yahoo groups and learned some new insights about ways to do P3 making sure to not gain back in that phase. Most of all I still think it comes down to portion control and cutting all the bad white carbs out of your diet and making sure you exercise consistently.
Drinking Yerba mata tea around 8 Pm. Bad idea I had a hard time going to bed. I have not really ever been a caffeine seeking person so it really hit me hard.

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