Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28, 2010 174.2 Wii 173.6 New scales

Its going down by tiny ounces. Where is the pound drop everyone talks about. I still didn't cheat today, wanted to but I didn't. I must tell my brain that I want to be 120 over and over again.
That was this mornings recording.
Stupid fishy crackers. They just jumped into my mouth as I handed them to all my little kids and couldn't resist. Oh why do we do this to ourselves when we really want the loss of weight. I called my HCG partner. She laughed at me and told me it will be ok that maybe I should carry my toast with me when I teach these little kids classes. I talked myself into believing that they were like my bread sticks except I am sure there is more calories then the toast and grissines. The problem is I have no idea how many per the calories of a small pile makes if I said that right. I do not buy them cause I thought I hated them at least they are not my choice in crackers when buying in the past.
Lunch Oregano Chicken and Strawberry Cucumber salad with melba toast. Dinner Spinach orange salad with white fish rolled in crumbs and curry powder covering. It was really good with sweet and salty taste to it.

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