Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010 175.3 BMI 29.92

Only tiny little ounces lost but I will keep going. I sat at this weight for over a year and I am sure my body is hiccuping here and not wanting to let go of the familiar. I think I went over the 500 cal limit. I felt very very full last night. I have thought a lot lately about how I often would skip breakfast and lunch in the name of staying low in my cal amount ( thought that's not what I would have called it back before learning to count calories) and then eating dinner and still not losing any weight the next day. Maybe I was starving myself to a certain point over the past year. I know that your body will not release fat if it thinks it is going to be in a starvation moment. I think that is some of what my body was acting like. Also about three years ago for at least 7 months I wasn't in a position or didn't take the position to cook my own food and ate out a lot. Flooding my body with all kinds of overly heavy foods that it couldn't take. Just like Dr. Simeon's talked about, making your body have more then it can handle so it sends it to the extra storage bank that will not release it shame on me.
I am feeling like my core muscles need more strengthening. I have been using cabbage and red leaf lettuce and today I am getting spinach leaves so they are smaller and easier to eat on a plate. I love it now when I wake up I do not have that groggy tired feeling. Unlike when your growing a baby and tired all the time. It also helps that all my babies sleep pretty much through the night now thus I sleep to.
Lunch shrimp, and tomatoes with a stevia reducing sauce that was the best. I crushed my melba toast on top and felt full again. I took my apple with me and went shopping. This amount of calories burns so fast. I am hungry by the time dinner hits. I spread my apple in between the meals today. and that helped me get through. I even ate my toast while I was cooking my dinner cause I couldn't wait. Dinner was hamburger, cucumbers grapefruit salad. On a side note; I froze the whole time I was shopping and it was really a very nice day outside. I wore my coat all day and night actually. The day before I was burning and hot what strange body sensations. As I look back through the week I realize that I had lots of emotional arguments going on in my head about what it was that was really working or is it just the reduction of eating less. Yet when I review I eat about the same, more on some days meaning skipping breakfast and lunch often in the past and eating at the evening meal only. I do drink more water then I used to. These foods do burn faster then the kinds I ate so that is changed and the meat portion is smaller. Well all I can say is the body is amazing if we just learned how to use it better.

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