Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010 179, BMI 30.56

IT REALLY IS WORKING! I want to tell people and then talk myself out of it. I need to be believable and I am just starting so calm down girl. I could have gotten it for so much less money back when whoever it is that called me and told me about it and I dismissed them, good grief that was stupid on my part. But I guess we each have to learn and come to acceptance. Water sure holds a lot of energy inside it if we will just partake of it. I have no more headache or pressure from the water intake I also am not having to have as many relief stops to empty the water out of me. I am getting through the day all the way without the usual burn out feeling that hits me around 2 to 4 p.m. The pounding is still there, but my blood pressure is normal. I think about it for a bit and remember that I have at one time been in renal failure and this was kind of what I felt like when I had IV"S in me and all that fluid inside. The big difference is that my tissues are not holding the water this time it is flushing through and that pounding must be my kidneys working to move it out. I wonder if it will lessen over the next days and my body gets adjusted to taking the 2 liters of water that we should all have as adults. My partner lost 3 lbs and thinks she must be just having dumped a ton of water off her. Her turn to be skeptical. She says she is hungry to much and grouchy. As I eat my lunch I think I must have been starving myself through the years. Shrimp and tomatoes with curry sauce. Melba toast and apple. Dinner is Mongolian Beef and Cabbage, orange and grissini sticks. Yuck won't be trying that recipe again. To much cabbage maybe. Skeptical again is it the HHCG or is it just the diet that is making me lose the weight? Would a light amount of working out make me drop more? I feel really grouchy also and emotionally wrung out what is going on here I wonder. Stop doubting and stay true I tell myself and Goodnight.

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