Friday, February 19, 2010

February 19, 2010, 182.8 with a BMI of 31.02

Yeah I gained I guess!

It better come off is all I can say to this psychological mess with my head morning. Breath, it will work, just breath girl. Thank goodness no appointments to drive to just be home and stuff my face again, 6 avocados and the last of the cream on granola cereal. I ate even more then that like cheese sticks and Chocolate. I never even used to like much chocolate. I messed up and forgot the noon spray until around 3:oo oops. My body is calling for potassium I can tell so I decide to add this to my water drinking agenda. I cannot eat another thing I am so full I do not even want another thing. I really would like to go for a walk and burn some calories, but I resist and be sedentary. Well tomorrow is the highest weight I will ever be in my life again. This better work or I might find someone to squish!

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