Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20, 2010, 184.1

Crappy crappy all night. Wanted to go to bed early from feeling so so tired and yet I couldn't sleep. The kids wouldn't be quiet at 1:00 am I had to get up and send them to bed. Couldn't go back to sleep. I have a pounding in the core of my body that is just making me feel crazy. It stops and goes. I have felt it before but I can not remember when that was that it happened. I still feel huge from all the fat food that I am not used to eating. My Blood pressure feels way up even though that hasn't been that way for a few years now. When I get pregnant it always goes up towards the end. My last child it went up half way through and I didn't make it all the way through the amount of time your supposed to stay pregnant. Finally at 6:00 am I feel normal. I got on the scales and gained more. Out of curiosity I got on through out the day and it still stayed the same all day. Ok ok I know your not supposed to do that but I did. I felt pretty good all day. I ate my grissini sticks (found at a health food store) and apple earlier before lunch. I am not sure if I was playing head games with myself or if I was just nervous but I felt like I might starve with the little bit of lunch I was allowed. Hamburger and onion rings fried in water. Oh yeah the Dad took them all to get juicy dripping hamburgers and malts. I sat in the car to avoid the smells after eating my tiny little burger. Fish and asparagus for dinner with melba toasts. The Hubby says "hey why are you not cooking that for me. I like asparagus and fish, well more fish then that though". "Give me a break, I just need to learn and then I will include you in the menu but right now I have to keep my meat at 100 grams so let me learn" I say to him. Besides the kids wont eat fish so why waste it. I ate my apple for a late night snack with aspirin for a raging headache and off to bed.

Note Join the HCGdieters YAHOOGROUP they have great files on the side bar to pull information from like all the names of sugar sneaky manufactures we do not even know what we are eating sometimes because of the disguised names. Some people have good input here but remember they do not agree with HHCG (homeopathic human chorionic gonadotrophin) on this site because they want you to use a Rx brand.
Read about Dr. Simeons way to help hypoglycemia when on this diet. Other tips about why it happens.

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