Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23,2010 178 BMI 30.37

Oh this feels like such a slow lose yet I know that's not true. I wondered if I would lose slow. I had a grouchy day I wasn't focused and yet I had plenty of energy. I really want to be skinny again. I felt hungry all day it seemed. I realized that I need to eat right on schedule and not go for longer then past the 12 noon hour to eat lunch. Besides I should keep the spray going at the same time everyday too. So as I start to fix my meal I spray and hold under my tongue for 30 seconds or longer if I can and after 30 min my meal is ready to eat and I am good to go again. I had Baked Apple Chicken over Lettuce. I needed to not eat so many melba toasts. I went over by 3 more then the allotted amount. Maybe I should count calories now and make sure I am within the 500 limit for the day. NAAA I am fine.

Did you know that if you are low in your protein intake you will hang on to fat more because your body needs more.
Ok Ok I am going to check my calorie amount. Dinner Lean Steak 114. cal Stevia Carmel Onions .32 cal 1 orange Never mind I ate whats on the list and so I am being good I tell myself.

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