Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Starting a new way to lose. February 17, 2010, 180. straight up.

So I have spent many years being pretty in shape and still having my babies and losing after and then some major stresses came into my life with my last baby. So for the last year I have tried to lose this weight and get back into a better shape. I have walked on the treadmill and around on our bike paths and played with the WII. Gotten discouraged and started to give up and now found HHCG. A friend of mine used it and lost and she was the same kind of person as me working the tail off to see slim results. I have to admit I had to read about it an really get convinced and understand the ins and outs. Because back in Oct. someone had called me on the phone and told me you could lose weight with this and I laughed. That was a steroid or meant to help kids who won't grow plus isn't it illegal was my reply. I also thought how can I tailor this to the way I have to up and go all the time. Ok just not eat, well that won't help I already had tried that route and you do not lose. What about family parties they are always centered around good foods that I do not have to cook. Also how do you drive three hours drinking tons of water and making it to the next relieving stop? Lets see is there anymore crazy excuses I could come up with. Well I started to drink the assigned amount of water after reading Dr. Simeon's manuscript protocol and felt more energy and all around better. I started that about a week before so I could know all the relief spots on my route. I have always sucked at drinking water. I found adding Stevia with all the amazing flavors it comes in that you can get it down really nicely. I did get a headache it seemed from the add pressure in my tissues; anyway thats my assumption. Well after figuring out all my stopping points on the road to appointment's I got prepared to beginning a new phase of feeling skinny and maybe food deprived for about 23 days. Yeah I can do anything to be smaller again!

Find this Manuscript first and read it not once not twice but over and over again till you get it.
There is a life style change that you must be willing to make.

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