Monday, February 22, 2010

February 21 2010 Holy Smokes It worked. 180.8

More would have been nicer but ok everything that I packed on is gone. Dr. Simeon's states that there will be about a one pound loss each day. There sure better be. Why am I still being skeptical I think to myself. Maybe because I am using the homeopathic version and not so many people have posted about that route so it makes me wonder. A light curry 1/2 apple, chicken salad and a cheat with fishy crackers. What! why a cheat, is it cause I am being told to stay within a certain food agenda and I psychologically must get over it in my brain. I am slightly hungry. So I eat the rest of my apple around 4:00 p.m. and feel mad at myself. I do not even like those stupid cheesy things. Good grief my HCG partner in this tells me that's not really much of a cheat since it was only a few and they are so tiny. Well for dinner I made myself go without the bread sticks and felt a bit better about cheating. Besides how do you know that it will affect you that much and you can't get back what you do not know. Please please body let a pound go tomorrow. Dinner was a beef stew with tomato as the veggie and orange.

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