Monday, May 31, 2010

149.2 Wow I really didn't think I was going to come down that easy.

4 am phone alert from oldest in far away land, read letter, fall back to sleep. Wake up, moving makes me ache in the strangest spots and then I remember that I fell over a fence yesterday with my little guy on my shoulders. Even now I feel like laughing at myself. One of our horses decided to get really friendly last evening cause my apple smelt really good. She is not one that I trust to much and when she all of a sudden took way to much interest in me from my backside I hurried to get over our log fence. Well you can imagine with 21 pounds on the top of me the momentum just kept me going over landing on my backside with him sitting in the dirt, he stood up, dusted off, looked at me, yelled at the dumb horse and tried to get me up. Thank goodness none of the boys saw me go over they all would have been laughing at me.
So back to weight loss. I was pleasantly surprised that I came back to the spot of the 149 number with my huge mayhem meal the other day. It's been one of those days where busy busy busy is an understatement.
Two scouts doing the posting of the colors for the Memorial day presentation at the graveyard. Resist the yummiest of cookies. Home to referee, cook, clean, garden, manage wayward lawn mowers, garden some more, water fight breaks out, clean horse trailer, cook, dishes, laundry, hook up garden hoses, lawn hoses, vacuum, cook again, all to bed, me treadmill time, soak in a very hot bath. Whew made it through the day but I am sososososos tired.
Breakfast: Dark Chocolate stevia water, Apple
Lunch: Grilled Halibut on top of lettuce bed with grisinni sticks and some Walden Farms ranch.
Dinner: Turkey burger, (everyone had one mine sure looked tiny up against theirs) tomato sliced, Wasa bread and a half a grapefruit.
Miles: Just simply walking with all the chores today 1,061 steps. Treadmill time 4.5 miles making a total of 10,000 steps today.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

151.0 A deserved big Bounce

Well I almost didn't get on the scales but I forced myself to after a very long hot soaking detox bath. Yep there is that huge bounce. I missed all meals down to dinner.

Dinner: Shrimp, tomato and grisinni sticks. Drank my chocolate stevia water and was not hungry once today most likely cause I was so dang stuffed from the day before dinner mayhem. Later I ate my apple for a evening late snack.

As I sat in church singing one of my favorite songs called High on a Mountain top. There is this part that is very high, I used to sing with my friends and see how high we could reach with out destroying it in choir. Today I had all kinds of ability to reach peak highness and not be breathless at all. I began to ponder why it felt so different today from say last week singing. Then as I sang with the little kids I had the same feeling of being able to reach really high notes, like when I was younger. So later I am asking my hubby about it and he says 'well there has got to be more lung capacity because the fat is not as thick around your lungs and diaphragm area." Humm that must be it. Can you imaging if Opera singers were not fat what their lung capacity could be like WOW volumes that's for sure.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

149.6 BOUNCE again.

Whats with this round I mean really a 3 to 6 days at a number. It's a crazy thing that's for sure.

Last night I realize how helpful my boys are with my littlest one and keeping me reminded of what to do for him. Mc. spent the large part of an hour talking him into eating bites of peanut butter on a cracker. The next time I went past the Reese's pieces were inside the cracker with the peanut butter and half of it was gone. I asked who had nibbled and Jer told me him and Mc. There was a mad winking of the Mc's eye as he denied that he had any nibbles. There were no dried blueberries gone, but well when you try to get anything into a non eating child half a cracker with peanut butter and Reese's pieces is a major accomplishment. I dug out the hungry med gave him some and got back on the treadmill. He insisted he was done so Mc got to eat the rest of the pieces and they left to jump on the tramp. 1 hour later I am grilling a hamburger mini size because the Jer boys med made his brain get a hungry message, still no blueberries are eaten. The Dad rescued them as he about threw them on the floor. UGHA it is so hard to diet when you have to push food into a non eater. To many tiny bits left that heaven forbid how could you wast them.
Then going to bed Z boy says "Mom you forgot Jer's shot" (he whispered it in my ear) so I run back down load it up so he can't hear all the beeping and run back up quickly attack his leg and it's over. Z tells him soothingly" it's ok I want you to become 6 and big like me, you will be ok just give it a second." They fall asleep Jer holding Z's hair twisted in his little fingers.

Breakfast: Roobios tea with a tablespoon coconut oil and lots of stevia in it.
Brunch: Apple
Lunch: Raw asparagus, grilled lean hamburger on one wasa cracker.
Dinner: TOTAL COMPLETE SABOTAGE ON TO MANY LEVELS. One of my many nephews is leaving to boot camp and they had a party. Potato salad, chips with bean corn salsa dip, another hamburger, cheese, then the why don't you try the banana pie or chocolate carmel pie. Now it's been about three months since I had any thing like those pies they were tiny pieces and finally I got the heck out of there. Love them all (the family) but I have got a goal to meet and HCG likes to burn that instead of my fat storage areas and there is going to be a huge bounce tomorrow I can tell.
Miles: 2 miles this morning, that's 4,923 steps. Slept on the treadmill trying to undo damage from family party. Really I did go to bed after doing 4.5 miles watching movies with kids. I am sure that was over 10,000 steps but my pedometer was my daughters this time and it didn't set to record right.

Got part of my garden in today since the wind finally quit blowing it across to the next big city.

Friday, May 28, 2010

149 It stuck! YES! Tea Please!

I have now been converted to drinking tea in the morning (I in the past did not like it). It keeps me warm these days so I need it. I only drink herbal teas without caffeine because I do not like that bursting energy that caffeine's give you and I never have been a big caffeine drinker in the past either.
So I have been paying attention to what is good and not so good about some of the teas.

Black Tea: Lots of caffeine and tannins are in this kind.

Dieters Tea: Senna can be dependant making to your bowels. Addictions become a problem also.

Smooth Move Tea: Same at the above named tea, dependant making too.

Rooibo's Tea: My oldest son loves it and did before he went to the country of it's origin.

Yerba Mata: It's ok not sure I like the natural caffeine that makes me buzzed but I am kind of craving it the R2 on HCG that I did. Strange I haven't really ever liked tea before this diet.

Herbal Tea: Well I am liking the ones that are fruit, but that is not really an allowed on the HCG diet R2 phase. So peppermint's and chamomiles might be a bit safer to use.

I have now decided to drink my chocolate, coconut oil with Tension Tamer every morning since it helps keep me warm and must be making my metabolism jump started.
With this new breakfast that I have started drinking more my middle guy wanted to try it, he was not impressed even though he did drink it all gone. It tastes like nothing is all that he would say about it.

Breakfast: 1 orange with choco, coconut oil, Tension Tamer tea mixed together.
Lunch: Turkey burger soup with onions & Quinoa. I did not eat any toasts because of the quinoa grain that was in my soup.
Dinner:Halibut, on a melba round 4 actually and asparagus.
Miles: I intended to not do any today to take a break, but someone encouraged me so 5 total 1 running that's 10,000 on my C boys Ipod pedometer.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

149.0 Will it stick or bounce up again?

No fat no sugar Chocolate mixed in Tension Tamer tea with coconut oil, a tablespoon. I understand that it is supposed to make your metabolism jump start and get burning, the oil is supposed to do that. I have been reading in this book with notes on how it's working for others. Read here. We bought a big 5 gallon bucket for food storage 3 years ago and then I forgot about it's goodness in all the crazy keeping up I had to do. Another source from another country. It really seemed to help me move to a new number lets see what happens tomorrow since I haven't even been dropping the promised pound let alone good ounces.

Breakfast: With the tea an apple.
Lunch: Turkey burger on a melba round or rounds I should say I divided. Along with a tomato slice.
Dinner: Cod, green salad, bread crumbs, one roll, Tomatoe slices, Two spoonfulls of Hubby's birthday treat dangerous. 1 grapefruit half.
Miles: 1.5 miles running outside pushing a head wind half way. Glad to have it push me on the way back. Finished 3.5 on treadmill 72 min at 4.5 pace. I just can't get faster it seems. But I feel dang good today that's for sure. That's 10,218 steps yeah I did it today, made the goal.

Gratitude first I must SIGH and then be glad I can fit into shorts that I haven't worn for at least 8 years. Also I am warm today that's nice.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

150.4 Did I want to lose my chest or have my waist?

Did I really want to lose my whole top? It's what seems to be leaving the fastest. Soon I will need a new cup size (smaller), the only advantage that I had when I did weigh to much was the top. I remember back to my 20's I was never very big so it's not something that was my hubbies number one desire. I remember when I lost some 11 years ago back to that 110 spot and thinking about taking up a fund for lifting surgery enhancement. He said he didn't care as long as I was healthy. Here I am again feeling a slimmer waist but wishing to start a fund, even my daughter is going to be bigger then me when I am done losing. Oh well at least I am still loved by him.

Breakfast: Grapefruit half with tea this morning. My tea had better help me keep warm I made a concoction with Dark Chocolate and some coconut oil in my tea. It helped me like the taste and kept me warm.
Lunch: Hamburger, asparagus, with a wasa cracker.
Dinner: Chicken soup with spinach and broth and grissini mixed in. Strawberries sprinkled with powdered stevia.
Miles: Three miles for sure. One mile running. 7,212 steps I helped irrigate with hubby 30 acres an hour of walking. It's not the most brisk heart racing kind of walking but it was consistent to a point.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

150.4 Schools Out I hope I can keep my diet in tact.

With 6 boys there are huge volumes of food that move through a house and yep I am the cook. This is going to be tough staying out of the food saturation while on a 500 cal limit.

Breakfast: Chocolate Stevia water and an apple. I was hungry this morn I forgot my orange last night because I had gone running with my C boy and we both just hurried to bed after I did one more mile on the treadmill.

Lunch: 3 Jumbo Shrimp Asparagus in homemade chicken broth and melba toasts.

Dinner: Chicken, Cucumbers, grisinni sticks, one orange.

Going to look at all the blog hoppers today!
Miles: 3 and I only got 6,148 steps in. I have got to do something to make my goal for at least one day this week.

Monday, May 24, 2010

151.6 Blog hopping come join in.

Why oh why am I climbing back up on the scale.
Remember that I am also losing inches it is not all about the scales reading.
Watch the calorie combinations more closely.
Today is day 33 I guess I am going to keep going so that I can hit my 145 goal.

Lunch: Beef burger on a wasa cracker with lettuce and a thin onion grilled that I seasoned with Braggs.
Dinner: Talopia fish in Bragg's and then grilled over Melba toasts, cucumbers with a dab of Waldon's Ranch dressing. One lovely orange for desert later.

Click above to find out all about it. Click below to see who is doing it.

Come join along have fun and get a move on
Miles: Well I will have to re post after marking the length but I ran with my son and did 3,538 steps and then another mile on the treadmill after for 2,611 steps and 2.6 pace for 24.51 min. Total steps 6,149 steps falling short of 10,000 but at least there was effort on my part today.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

150.0 DAY of Peace

Early to rise and exercise.
Kids breakfast ready to eat. It's Oat groats with yogurt cream sauce and a fried egg, ooh I want some really bad.
Ready for church
Off to church (late again ugha)
NO FISHY CRACKERS! I suck at this when on a diet.

My Breakfast: An Orange and Hazelnut stevia water.
Lunch: Lean steak soup and onions with melba rounds.
Dinner: Fish talopia with Bragg's sauce and tomatoes with crushed melba rounds. 5 Strawberries.
Not hungry all day not one tiny bit. (HCG must be burning lots of stored fat in me)
Miles: 5 walking on the treadmill at about 2.5 paces sometimes a 3.0 pace. Watched 2 shows that's a record for me. Thats 10,119 steps today yeah me.
I have been looking for a description as to how I feel in my body right now. This is the description I came up with. I am loose and light now. I feel airy as I move around. Why what makes the difference well carry a thirty pound bag of grain for a 4 mile walk attached in different areas of your body and when you put it down you can move so much easier then before that it makes you feel light and free. I have now shed 35 pounds from all over and it feels so free now inside of me.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

149.9 WOW haven't seen this in a few years.

I did drink some dieters tea last night. Traveling makes me all stuck inside and so I wonder if the scale will stay down having really burned enough fat storage to be accurate.
I didn't get to sleep in, pretty girl had a car wash fundraiser and forgot about it and then forgot she had to do make up time at the high school to so I/she spent the day driving back and forth it seemed.
I was tricky and made a my little guy think that odawalla super food red rhapsody with apple juice was the bomb and put it in his sippy bottle, He drank and drank so he got beets, raspberries, strawberries, tomato puree, plum puree good stuff. I think I better look into juicing I see sometimes on infomercials but never pay much attention.

Lunch: Talopia, on bed of spinach with grissini sticks. Oh ya ate my apple for breakfast.
Dinner: Turkey burger on Rye Wasa, Tomato sliced. Yummy orange not really hungry all day but I sure am freezing again.
Miles: I didn't make it at all, I shouldn't have tried the sleep in over whelmed with boys today.

Why do bored boys have to fight? Everything was boring no matter what I suggested. The 3 younger's couldn't stop, mom got nasty after the ten hundredth name calling hitting episode. Believe me I would have loved to escape to a walk. Jer just went with me everywhere to escape the 3 grumpy boys.
Grateful for encouraging words today!

Friday, May 21, 2010

151.4 What a day!!!!!!!!

So I have a packed cooler to carry all my foods and my little guys pedisures in. When all the other kids hit the bus we hit the road. I have it timed so that I can make all my potty spots and hit the end of the 3 hour drive to the Endocrinologist Dr. or Grow Doc as my other kids call him with an extra 30 min to spare window by 10:30 am. Drive time is pretty good he asks to stop at my regular stop and we jump back in to get to the next potty spot about 1 hour away. After that we hit the spot where I am supposed to take an upper division freeway that moves me away from the clogging artery that is downtown traffic jam, I miss the get off spot because a truck won't let me in and I have noticed that several cars are getting off. I decide to stay in the fast lane or commuter lane and when I can I will take the next freeway that will keep me out of the downtown traffic clog. CRAP 9:40 am all of a sudden everyone is at a dead stand still and I have thirty min to get to the top of the valley which if I hadn't missed the first get off I would almost be there. Then I can't wiggle my way over the 5 lanes to the next get off so I end up stuck having to go all the way to the downtown get off and all thirty extra min eaten by some kids that were all standing on the side of the freeway. There wasn't even smashed cars and the whole 5 lanes for 30 min can't hardly get past the 5 cop cars, I guess talking to the 5 kids.
You do not be late to this Doctors office. He is only in on Mon. and Fri. till 11:30 and when I made this appointment he was booked 3 months out. We drive way to fast to get there and mercy is on our side someone else has slowed his whole day. I can't believe the stress, the news is good the little Jer is growing a tiny bit more and he is a perfect angle because he knows they will give him a great prize. Can you believe it the Doc wants to see us in 4 and 6 months and he is booked out 8 months.
Breakfast: I ate my grapefruit half before leaving the house.
Lunch: Precooked and seasoned chicken with melba toasts and salted celery sticks.
Dinner: Fajita beef, spinach leaves, grissini sticks, and an orange. I warmed my beef in a convenience stores microwave.
I was pretty good today, it's hard when your Little guy wants to share his fried chicken bite and his gummy candy bears (healthy kind) and you shouldn't refuse because you need to model that it's yummy to eat and that you are a willing eater. It sure screws up the diet plan.
Visiting a few like 4 novelty stores
Lets end the day with picking up the other young ones from my sis and being pulled over for a bulb out on my brights of a car that just past inspection, mercy again only a warning.
I have a bad headache!!!

I am greatful that my hubby was awake and carried all the bulk food into the house and took all the little boys up to bed right away. Good night, I am sleeping in in the morning!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

151.4 Not such a good idea Crab.

Ya I think the crab was to much. It said sugar (maltodextrine) on the can but measuring it out cooked is not the same as a raw measure and even if it was a small amount of sugar, though there wasn't an amount on the side telling how much, it's just not helping me to lose.

Lots and lots of thoughts today. I realize that I used to stuff myself in clothing that was to small for me in the name of I will lose or I am not going to buy something new, or I can take that in when I lose. I wonder how long that was going on in my head. I bet some 8 years now that I think about the last new clothing that I bought and what size it is 10, when really I should have had a 12 or 14 depending on how it was made to fit.

Lunch: Tolapia with wasa cracker and some asparagus, Half a grapefruit with stevia sprinkled on top.
Dinner: Had to go shopping so ate my Melba toasts, tomato, and orange in the car. Rushed home grabbed a packet of albacore tuna that's 3.5oz really fast mixed it with the last of my mustard and ate it with some more toasts. To many toasts today. Please don't punish me and go back up again body. Then rushed to a oh no mini food storage class, what have I done. just to not offend my sis-in-law a taste tiny bits and pray it isn't an even bigger punishment tomorrow.
Miles: Well they are in the toilet cause I steam cleaned toilets instead today. Usually it's the boys job to keep the 3 toilets up to par but I couldn't stand the sight anymore so I intervened.

I think as you go down in weight that you have to get more and more careful with what you eat because the body holds on harder since there is less in the locked fat storage areas and it isn't willing to release as easily as when you first start out on Dr. Simeon's protocol.

I am grateful for sunshine today.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Apples, apples, APPLES and more ApPleS! I did it I got out of that stupid dang 152 stalling. When I did an apple day the last time on my first round I was never hungry and I only ate 5 of the allotted 6 apples that Dr. Simeons states can be used to make a stall breaker. This time I was hungry around 3pm and had to have an apple with me at all times. I even hurried to get the kids to go to bed so I didn't crash and burn the apple day. Why do we live in fear that something that has worked won't work the next time around? I really have got to use my faith on this lifestyle change I am making. My kids were shocked when they looked at the bag of apples I had only bought two days ago. It's always their back up snack and now it was almost gone Wow. But it WORKED and I only ate the 6 allowed!
My c-section area is starting to look flat I never thought that would happen. Anyone who opts for a c-section is nuts, natural birth is so dang much easier to recover from, anyway that's what I think having done it 6 times before the last nightmare birth.
Lunch: Turkey burger on wasa bun with the last of the Fennel bulb and grapefruit salad.
Dinner: Crab mixed with celery sauted on a wasa cracker, 5 strawberries with stevia
Miles: 2 around the valley it's finally WARM outside again.

Ok, I think I have been scared and that's partly why I couldn't get out of the 152's. Why? well My little Guy J is supposed to have this surgery that got cancelled because he was still on an antibiotic for a sinus infection. It's pretty simple just a sedated echo cardio gram, teeth cleaning of two little teeth that are disintegrating and that's easy. The big part, cosmetic closure of the trachea opening from where a tracheotomy was removed and left a hole like a belly button, but in your neck area after he was born. The scary part, they would be putting him back on a ventilator the thing that we couldn't get him off of the first time they had to do that to save his little lungs and then kept us in a NICU for 7 1/2 months. Me having to live 2 1/2 hours away from home and all my other children and hubby. On May 13th the day before the scheduled surgery I lost to 153 and didn't feel like it was honest. I have been a mess leading up to that day. Running like I could be crazy and cheating like the running would get me back to the right level and frustrated because I lost so much more on my first round by this time. The cheating wasn't huge just a nibble here of extra protein and some almonds ok lots of almonds and anytime my little guy wouldn't eat the tiny little peanut butter sandwich 1/4 amount I would eat it. All of a sudden today I am like back on top having gotten to a new scale spot and having not cheated once since Sat the day after the surgery should have taken place. Today I called to remake the surgery appointments and it was after that I realized I have been stalling in that area to for two days, well three if you count I could have called on the day it should have happened and started the whole process over. It was a Friday I kept telling myself they won't be in, ( let me tell you it is a process to get 3 Doc's on the same day at the same time frame) Anyway as I looked at the whole last month leading up to the 14th I had an awakening of my fear and this will no longer affect my weight at least I hope. Wheew that felt good to get that all off my chest I am not sure why.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

152.6 Crazy but I want to feel the hungry feeling maybe it will say I am losing again!

That's it apple day is going to have to happen this is a stall at five days now and it has to be broken. I can't remember ever sitting at this weight in my life before.
It is also strange peoples reactions to gained and lost weight. After all the stress of my baby and the three years it took to recover or maybe I should call it a settling and easy spot to live with now. I have been able to see lots of reactions to my weight. First they would ask if I was pregnant. (Are you crazy I am going through the most stressful time of my life and I have a very unwell baby I am thinking to myself, plus my baby was still in the hospital 6 months later.)
Wow have you quit exercising? Now that the baby is home you should have all kinds of time.
( Like I have time, I spend all of my time pumping milk, feeding it to him, cleaning up his throw up and then repeating the whole process over again. Kick in breathing treatment times and putting back feeding tubes that came out with the throw up, and preparing for any upcoming Dr. visits and trying to eat myself, the school day ending for all the kids and trying to feed them too along with lets throw in a nurse visit and therapist visits at least once a week, NO there is no exercise time at all.)
Now shift to today down some 30 lbs in 4 months and they say things anywhere from WOW! to How skinny are you going to get to? Maybe you should let up on that running! You need some nutrition. You are looking really good! I didn't recognize you, you have lost so much. WHAT ARE YOU DOING GIRL???? The ultimate is the nurse who only knew me since my baby was born and asks what is so different about you other then you cut your hair. I see her every three months or so with my little guy. She is a nutritionist and into what is eaten by our little guy and what more I can get him to eat. She thought I looked great and for the most part others do to but it is crazy the range of emotions that are mixed when it comes to people and their weights.

Me, I just want to be able to sleep without an oxygen machine like the Dr. said I might need and to run a 5K and maybe a marathon and get back into the clothing that are in my closet and to keep up with my crazy busy houseful of boys and one pretty girl.
Not much to ask for is it.

Lunch: APPLES 6 to be exact and yummy water with chocolate stevia and HHCG to get the fat cells to release and burn up the rest. What a yummy meal that's going to be.
Photo shoot coming soon to the page.

Monday, May 17, 2010

152.4 Oo I am tired of this 52 number.

What is the deal with this body it likes to stay at a number to long for my comfort. Almost a week at 52 number hmmmm. Well its been a crazy day and I wasn't hungry or cold and hope that I can get losing soon. Thinking about an apple day tomorrow depending on the scales reading.

Lunch: Turkey burger on a wasa cracker with a bit of Walden dressing. I made a salad with sauted fennel bulb and grapefruit. There is enough for two meals of salad.
Dinner: Steak, lettuce salad and an apple.
Miles 1 nice easy walk.

I am feeling boring and overwhelmed with end of school stuff to finish up for children. Wishing that this round seemed as easy as the first or as productive is what I should maybe say.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

152. Sundays are so crazy sometimes.

I am not sure what my problem was but I felt light headed all morning. I took my calcium and magnesium and potassium along with Vit B. I even ate some breakfast hoping it would help me but it didn't go away until around 12. I hate feeling woozy like that and I sure did have to move slow or risk falling over. Thank goodness its gone now.

Lunch: Tuna celery apple salad with a bit of mustard on top of the Wasa cracker. Yummy I am sure craving the tuna sandwich meals this go around. I haven't even really eaten them since i was a kids.
Dinner: Chicken broth with spinach and chicken and an orange for dinner.
Miles: Trying for 2 but its late so I might not get them in this time.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

152.8 Again??????

Well I most likely deserve that hold and hope it isn't going to get worse. All the boys went camping leaving me and the pretty girl to watch girly movies last night. She popped popcorn and added butter to it. After awhile she was mad that I wasn't eating it with her. So I caved and I hope that it isn't to rough on the days ahead.
It was a way busy day I barely got my meals in correctly.

Lunch: Yummy green salad with oranges broken up and a bit of a sugar free Walden salad dressing that I am going to see if the lose will still keep working. I have friends who are trying it so it made me curious to try. I ate bites of my pretty girls chicken that was breaded so I passed up those when I got home and just went for the salad.
Dinner Fajita stake and asparagus with fresh strawberries on a Wasa bread piece.
Miles 4 slow and steady and also a walk down our old train track path. I need to measure it to see its length before I can count its tally to the other miles.

Friday, May 14, 2010

152.8 Toot Hoot Cabot Yeah!

I am so glad to finally see a new number that has no 5 near it. This round is being much harder for me to lose on and by 20 days I had come down it seemed so much more. I really do not like to have to do the reloading days even if I understand the why part of it for good fats around your organs. It is irritating that it took a week to lose it again and then finally move downward on the scales. Not to mention how the monthly visit really can tip you over and hold you hostage.
Wonder why we women have to be so complicated in our body makeup. I guess that's why guys have such struggles with figuring us out. Even we struggle to figure ourselves out sometimes.
I hope all these trips to the bathroom today show a nice reading in the morning cause I can not stay out of there today.
Brunch: I had my strawberries early in a smoothie I am hungry today.
Lunch: Halibut on Wasa with spinach and mustard spread.
Dinner: Fajita Chicken with lettuce wrap. Half a grapefruit.
Miles: 4 miles Run and Jog. Feeling so so good in my skin now.

Visiting a time old tradition.

I remember as a small girl going with my Nana June and collecting asparagus on the ditch banks near her house in Idaho. I can still recall the wonder I had inside me that there would be something growing out there that was edible. She would steam it and cut it up with salt and butter. It was the best treat ever that I always looked forward to in the spring. The year after my hubby and I moved back to his ranch at the beginning of our married life I was so excited to find that there was a whole field of wild asparagus next to our ranch. My Mother-in-law took me across the wild tall grasses and there in a clearing were great big stalks of the wintered over bushes that had gone to seed. These stalks are the tale tell sign that you have a great find. We would gather and gather and be back in a about two to three days to again gather. Alas the field stopped producing because of flooding so now I am back to scavenging along the ditch on our ranch for small amounts compared to the hauls that we used to get.

After learning that this diet called for the wonderful treat of course without butter I was excited to have spring come. This way on my second round I could eat the really fresh wild grown vegetable that I remember finding as a child. So here's a photo shoot of my scavenging adventure on our ditch banks.
Maybe I will even go visit the old field and see if any new starts might have started back up these 6 years later since my last visit.
Thanks Nana for showing me a wonderful God given treat!

What yummy dinners these green shoots make. The first meal is made with the asparagus and a side of black peppered halibut with thin Wasa crackers.
The next dinner is Chicken cooked in Cold Expeller pressed Coconut oil and Wasa bread which is much thicker then a cracker.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

153.2 Not sure it's an honest loss?

So I get on the scales every morning at about 6:30 am after I have done the throne sit for all night sleeping. The scales said 155.0. WHAT I can not believe this is happening again. I have bounced back up after being down. Then I go get all the kids going do the bus run, chase horses back in, drive over to drop the oldests who missed bus because of naughty horses and then come home to do the throne sit and decide to look one more time at the scales. There is about 2 hours between from the first weigh and this time. It sits at 153.2 CRAZY! I am going to take it but it sure messes with your head when it changes that much on a scale.

Lunch: Halibut tomato sandwich on a Wasa bread. When opening my package I found them much bigger then the last wasa crackers I had gotten. Also a half a grapefruit.
Dinner: Lean Steak with Lettuce and Strawberries and a balsamic vinegar dressing.
Miles 4 !/2 Walk/Jog 15 min worth of running.

I realized that I have been eating about a small handful of almonds when I feel hungry and can't get dinner fixed fast enough. I think they are allowed if you were doing an Atkins Induction Diet. I wonder if you could lose and do Induction diet with HCG on board. Hmm maybe I will google or yahoo group search to see if someone has done that one in their experimenting on losing weight.
Surgery cancelled again, good grief.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

154.2 OOOOh

Well the scale is moving down small but down. I shouldn't have eaten the dressing yesterday maybe but who knows. I am flipping freezing again not sure if that's because of the body or because its snowing on the mountains and raining in the valley around me and makes our house cold again.

Inches are coming off and I have got to get a 20 day measurement on my record keeper. I put a pair of pants on that were tight in March and they were like a bag on me today. I had to wear a belt to keep them up. My waist is so much smaller yet my hips are still holding on to the fat cells. I started to think about how the wait packs on to my body with each child that I gave birth to. Two times I have started a pregnancy at 110 pounds each time the weight went on my hips towards the back first. This must be where its going to come off last. It makes sense to lose from the last placed cell to the first placed cell. Just like when you build with blocks. You can't start a building in the air, what happened to the foundation? It's all in how your body places it. My partner places it all over so it comes off all over also. She looks amazing and not lumpy in spots like I seem too look. Man if I had known what I know now and went through a pregnancy things would be so different I think.

Lunch: Curried Tolapia on a wasa cracker, strawberry, cucumber salad with apple cider vinegar dressing.
Dinner: Turkey burger with mixed salad greens on a wasa cracker and an apple.
Miles: I can't seem to get any miles in today or at least recordable ones on a treadmill or planed track route.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

154.8 Oh my goodness it's working again.

I didn't even do any walking and the weight is back down I am so glad to see that. I have been prepping to take my meals and scale and stay this weekend in a hospital. Ugha I hope this is not going to be to hard. My weight and workout will be all messed up I am afraid but it must be done.

My little guy is having a cosmetic repair done from having a trach after his birth. I am a bit afraid for him but must not because faith and fear can not be together. He will no longer have a belly button neck when they are done. I have to stay overnight up there with him until they are sure his little lungs can breath all on their own. This means eating my pre measured foods and having to eat it cold or find a microwave somewhere in that hospital. I have to have food for him too because he gets so dang picky and won't eat sometimes and lives on that (stupid) wonderful pediasure.

All in all I can say that this will be interesting that's for sure. Thank goodness I am not having to go up there alone hubby is coming too so I will make it through.

Lunch: Chicken with spinach rolled inside with about 2 T's of Quinau left from hubbys breakfast cooking in my pot. I mixed some of the cold expeller pressed coconut oil with a tablespoon of milk and went without my crackers or toast allotment. Strawberries with Stevia sprinkled yum.
Dinner: Curried Halibut in the cold pressed oil again. Salad with 3 lettuce leaves and a half a tomato and melba toast on top. I did put a tiny bit of Walden Farms dressing on top. Just enough to make a taste.
Miles 2 on treadmill Dragging but walking even if it is slow.

Monday, May 10, 2010

156.0 Not so much wreckage as first noted.

I set ok weight wise, the diets isn't totally dead. I did drink that nasty dieters tea last night before bed after feeling like I might never be able to sit up straight again from my Mothers Day dinner out. I do not feel well I am nursing the sniffles and cramps with my little guy who has sniffles too but must stay well at all costs till after this weekend, well forever would be nice too.

Lunch: Chicken sauted in cold expler pressed coconut oil. With spinach and and orange in the mix. Melba rounds on top.
Dinner: Onion boiled with my venison in homemade chicken broth and a wasa cracker crumbled over the soup. Frozen strawberries with Stevia sprinkled on top.
Miles: I stayed in bed I didn't feel good at all.

I am a bit distracted by the up coming stuff.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

155.8 Train Wrecked?????????

So I am doing this holding as can be seen from the Aunt Flo and a bit of an increase nothing like the last go round though. I eat my lunch of fish orange and cucumber salad with melba rounds broken on top and then go teach my little kids class. Yes some of those stupid fishy crackers did jump up to my mouth again. Over all though I feel like I am doing pretty well.
Then I am KIDNAPPED and pampered with dinner for MOTHERS DAY! And of course it's the worst place for HCG dieter to go to. THE CHINESE BUFFET. I was sorta careful, big salad mostly shrimp but it is always covered with sugar sauces or breading. Even the chicken has sauce on it. I also can not resist the California rolls or rice paper wraps. I did notice that I filled up really fast compared to before my HCG days. And I drank tons and tons of water. I ate only one egg roll and they were mini kind. I have never had that huge of a cheat day when doing the HCG. I hope that my metabolism is revved up now as compared to what its been like in the past before finding the HCG. (Thank you sweet hubby for making me not have to cook this year even if it kills the diet in the train wreck!:)
I was so full I couldn't even get into gear to go for a walk.
I hope tomorrow isn't a killer on me. I wore a shirt that I haven't been able to for five years that was nice. I think it was even more lose today then when I would try to wear it back those many days ago.
Here's to starting over tomorrow and being better at getting this last bit off.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I have to say I love hormones well at least the one that is making me lose I do. I am being a bit sarcastic because the scale is now doing the back up bit with the Aunt Flo. Patience Patience it will come back down I know.

Lunch: Chicken cooked with Cold pressed coconut oil and spinach in the middle. Fresh Strawberries, and Melba Toasts.
Dinner: Curried and frilled fish, Grilled onions, and an Orange with wasa cracker. I made a chocolate drink with unsweetened coco but not defatted so we will have to see what happens to my weight.
Miles: 4 Miles walk/jog.

Friday, May 7, 2010

154.4 thats the weight today!

So one way to help diminish the freezing that starts for me during the morning is if I drink my 3 liters of water with it starting on the luke warm side. And like I said I try to get more then half down by the time I am going to eat my lunch meal.
Here is a subject that when I think it in my head I can not say it on a blog but today I spoke it out loud and so it came out better then my thoughts and I am now going to try blogging it.
There is all this talk about constipation with people who are using HCG. So I think about the implications to this. 1 if your gut is used to having tons of food in it all the time and then it is in the situation of a 500 cal diet wouldn't your body after a bit say "hey wait a min not enough input for hugely stretched gut to push out why try." You see I have to take my little guy to a GI DR., that's short for Gastroenterology Doctor who studies gastrointestinal illnesses. So you know a GUT investigating guy who listens so us about why our little guy won't Poop. And gives medicine to help him get hungry enough to eat so that he will poop. The best advice I heard from him was. " YOU KNOW IT CAN'T COME OUT IF IT'S NOT PUT IN FIRST"! So my take on this whole constipation issue with HCG is our guts having been way overloaded through the years, and some more then others, has to take time to adjust and it will get to some kind of a normalcy. Just relax. 2 maybe take some good Biotropins with Acidphilus and Bifidus. Maybe all the good bacteria needs a boost in your gut. Dr's.. don't tell us to take this stuff after giving us an antibiotic. Did you know antibiotics kill these good bacterias that help our guts attack and break down stuff. So now you can save a few thousand and not visit a GI Doc since I told you a bit of advice he told us.

Oh I lost and I even have a lovely visitor Flo. Now that's a start because last time I just held and held, but it does help explain my inability to resist the Cayenne Chocolate Bar.
Lunch: Tuna, apple,celery on a Wasa Cracker
Dinner: Chicken with spinach,seasoned with onion and garlic powder, and Fresh strawberries, Melba rounds
Miles: 4 Easy walk on the treadmill.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

1.2 lbs drop no stall here whaoooooo.

So I must admit yesterday was a grumpy day. I felt so out of sorts and almost like Aunt Flo would come that day. I had no energy at all and I was tired. It didn't help that sleep alluded me the night before (thank goodness last nights sleep was nice) so this morning I thought for sure there would be a stall still. I was very happy to see the drop happen. I know there are inches leaving but who wants to do a daily measuring uggh not me.
So for the record so far I have these kinds of stats
I started at 184.0 Lbs
I am 155.0 Lbs today.
I gained 10 Lbs on the loading day and lost it in a week.
I have lost 29 lbs over 78 days.
That's over a three month time frame.
I think that is amazing considering how hard I tried before to lose even one dang pound.

Lunch: Well brunch Strawberry Smoothie, Blackened Halibut with fresh picked asparagus. Two melba toasts.I dipped my asparagus in my homemade mustard.
Dinner:Turkey burger on wasa with tomato and mustard and an Orange.
I cheated with a Spicy Maya Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bar (it had cayenne pepper in it).
MILES: 3 miles the last three min I ran. You could say I have officially started my The Couch to K5 Running Plan.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A 5 K PLAN Do I have a stall starting?

I found a nice way to help a person get ready
to run a 5K.
Something I have been wondering how to
get ready to do.
The name even helps you know that
anyone can get it
going for themselves even if they have never
been a runner.
This is courtesy of a great blogsite that
I have been reading.
If I have to cut wheat out to stay skinny
I can make food still.

So today I am only 156.2 only 2 ounces gone
I ate turkey and halibut two things that are new
for me this time
I guess today I better stick with the
stand by list
and not experiment at all with new.

Lunch: Grilled chicken and onions sautaed in
cold-pressed coconut oil
a strawberry smoothie with
melba toasts crumbs.
Dinner talapia white fish, lettuce bed and
apple with melba rounds.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thirsty thirsty! 156.6 mmmmmm

Well that's not much of a loss but its .6 oz. I didn't sleep at all last night my little guy pulled my hair in his sleep all night and rolled and rolled around. He didn't eat much dinner and so it showed in his sleep. Also the hubby was called to go back to work and that always makes it a sleepless night. The night before he had never came back from work so two nights in a row is really rough on me.

I walked to the bus with my little guy and kept on walking. Later I will drive the car on my path to mark how far I went. I was so thirsty today that I have already drank most of my water and that's without Stevia in it either, it feels good to be refreshed. 2miles up and down hills today yeah!

Lunch: Can you guess, yup fresh strawberries and cucumbers one last time. A Turkey burger grilled on a Wasa cracker bun with my home made mustard spread.

Dinner well I will have to see its going to be crazy so I might be doing the grab and run fajitas.
Ended up being Halibut sandwich on Melba rounds with salted celery and an apple. I must be missing bread I keep craving sandwiches.


So I ate shrimp, jumbo shrimp grilled and I had cucumber salad with strawberries again. Can you tell that I have bought a big container of fresh strawberries. Ya and they are hidden in the bottom back of the fridge were boys and hubbies do not bend over to look. SHSHSHSH. HEEHEE.

I never got hungry today. Dinner was tomatoes sliced with Stevia on top and a melba round on bottom. Then the whole house went crazy boys going here and there to play since it's finally sunny. My Girl made plans for me to take all the horses and go to the arena and ride with several of her friends. It felt wonderful to be in a saddle and not be fat. Last year I could hardly fit my rear in the seat and everything jarred. Then when we got home boy-friends showed up to do homework and all little boys were sent to bed. Crazy I tell you Crazy.

Around 10:40 I realized that I had not cooked me a piece of protein meat nor eaten a fruit and it didn't matter cause I was too too tired.

Oh ya 4 mile walk/run now if i could just have enough time to get to 5 miles.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

158.2 today!

Don't forget the INCHES!
That's why they call it Pounds and Inches.
I am feeling smaller in crazy spots again.
I wore my highest heels today, my feet have lost weight and they fit.
They have not been worn for at least 20 yrs. Since my first pregnancy.
I dropped one dress size tried one on that I haven't worn for a long time.
My shirts are fitting in the shoulders.
There are lines for my calve indention's, but I am struggling to not cheat.
Why? I so badly want to drop this stupid weight and be skinny again.
Maybe cause the dang stuff is just there for the easy getting and it wasn't the first time I did a round. I will stay strong because those skinny jeans are sitting there smiling at me every time I stand on the scales. Reminding me of what I want. Now if I could stick a pair all over the kitchen it might help even more.

Blog with an interesting food for thought.

Lunch: Wasa Turkey burger with Homemade mustard, Strawberry cucumber vinagerette sauced salad and more Melba toasts to many.
Dinner: Chicken Celery broth (homemade) with Melba toasts. Apple

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Photo Meal Prep that I do for P2 round.

So the freezer is stuffed with tinfoil 3.5 meats cooked and not cooked. Tinfoil because then my kids won't look and cook my meals. Ya know the adage if you can't see it it's not there, well it still works on boys and the fridge/freezer so they will leave my stuff alone.
First time I have ever done beef strips for Fajitas pre-grilled so I can go fast if needed. It's lean rating was 90% so it better be as fat free as possible for this round. I put all the spices that are needed like cumin, pepper,garlic,onion,and even a bit of Stevia.

This one Halibut will make 5 meals of 3.5oz I divide and then freeze. The pile of bits on the side will be made into a fish soup since it's pretty hard to make them stay on a grill if there all chopped up. I did have to peel the skin off which was hard so pick without next time is how I will go for sure.

I always pre-grill my chicken with garlic, onion, pepper, and sometimes cumin then freeze for a very fast warm up meal. Then I can eat them warm or cold when I need it.

This is flattened chicken that I will be stuffing later with Spinach. I forgot to get some when I went shopping. The turkey will also be divided and put into packets to grill as needed. I shall see if I can lose with that meat on board my diet.

Today is a gain n hold 159.2, I think I got to much meat last night cause I snitched off my baby's steak plate since he didn't want it and my fish wasn't making me full. Darn me at least it was protein and not sugar.
Lunch: Tuna Fish, Apple, Celery salad with Homemade Mustard sauce on Wasa Crackers.