Tuesday, August 31, 2010

147.4 The Aunt is about packed, ready to leave.

Isn't it funny how hormonally we are affected. Now that the visit is almost over the hormones are settling and the weight is coming back into alignment. Oh ya I had to have my one good cry too before it all got straightened out in the ravel brain that hormones helped snarl for me. I need to get on the treadmill but I am so tired from adjusting to doing late night homework help for boys that its all catching me today. Someone tell me to get on the walk move please.

The hubby got me on the treadmill while we watched an old movie, three miles.
Why do you have to drag yourself sometimes to things you know make you feel so much better.

Lunch: eggplant dipped in crackers and eggs with Parmesan and tomato sauce over the top. YUMMY along with bacon lettuce tomato sandwiches. Its food right out of my garden and all made or grown by me, well not the cheese and bread but all the rest was and it felt good to me.

Monday, August 30, 2010

149.4 Every other day posts.

Its been one of those post every other days kind of weeks lately. At least it isn't taking a computer to get on the scale and keep track of my weight. But that's how posting is so its not been so easy to just get sat down and do a post. I have munched on the best cucumber salad with sour cream and peas and little green onions today. Along with ice cream and chili again the scale, I am afraid its going to be showing how heavy that is on the scales. Along with the hormonal stuff that the visit brings.

My sweet sis-in-law gave us cookies and boy are they dangerous to me right now.

Oh ya we grilled on Sunday for our last warm hurrah before the cool starts to creep up in the evening.

Little Guy went to preschool today. He was so happy because there was no one here to keep him busy. He kept asking all the boys if they would play dump truck outside with him over the whole weekend and he didn't care that it was dark either.

Z boy missed the bus because his socks were not right so I had to take him over, that cut right into my walking time and I never got back to do that. Tomorrow right, right.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

149.4 AAAAAh Dates

The date nights sugar made me rise rather high from the sauces last night and I ate whatever I wanted. I guess when you start thinking about the fact that your going to be losing soon you have a loss of control that starts in your head and perspective sorta goes out the door.
Its not that I am going crazy it just that I sorta stop being as careful as I should with the dangerous things that add back the weight in the fat cells that I have been trying to get to shrink in the body. You know like ice cream or chips with bad trans fat or pop, two in one day when I haven't had even one for 6 months.

Saturdays kitchen cookin.

I made a huge batch of vegetable and venison, Chile why so huge well three very large families were in need of dinner tonight. Mine was one of course, another who had a death in the family and anther who had a bad horse accident and has put the Mom out of walking and into the bed for several months to come. It was so yummy one of those comfort kinds of foods. We always eat it with chips and lots of sour cream. It had every kind of veggie you can imagine like crook neck squashes, peppers, corn, lots of fresh tomatoes and then the Pretty girl got into putting fresh basil into it. The boys wanted more of the hot chillie peppers out of the garden. Then three bowls later I decide I had better not test taste anymore as I was sure it was perfected and yep here is the morning damages on the scale along with a huge bowl of ice cream celebrating that the hay is again off the fields and we got to watch movies before bedtime.

Sunday scale read 150.2
I got on the treadmill and have now done two miles walking and tonight there shall be some more calorie burning that will go on.

Friday, August 27, 2010

147.0 Getting hormonally in order and a date what a combo.

That Aunt Flo she sure messes things up sometimes. I am so tired I can hardly get a move on.
My partner that I haven't said to much about in awhile we took different paths for a bit. The other day she called and said" well if there is one thing that HHCG did for me its to make the visitor a regular one now instead of skipping two or three months at a time". She wasn't so sure that was that nice even though it does mean that her body is not as hormonally out of wack as it used to be. I have to agree I am pretty regular now and it was out of hand after my last couple babies and the many steroids and meds that I had to have during their births and leading up to my last birth.
So kudos to regularity after years of mixed up body signals that's a plus for HHCG and me.

I had a date meet with the hubby and I am pretty sure that I will pay the scale price again. We haven't gone out for a moment alone for quiet a bit, to many kid activities that trumped our alone moments. It was Wingers sticky food which of course is going to mean lots of sugar in the sauce but thats ok it made him sweeter for the evening alone ;)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

147.2 What do you let slid?

When your rushing to get the kids to the many activity spots what is your let slid thing? Meals, the way they are dressed, how about their hair dooos. In your house what can you allow to slid just so long as you can get in the exercises? The laundry, the dirt on the floor, the dishes, the dinner and go for mac and cheese instead of home cooked what is it?

My kids say I can never let the vacuum shut up (which is a swear word in our house if uttered at a person in anger). I admit that is not my slider because I like to not wear shoes in the house, as a matter o fact we are supposed to take them off at the back door since we live on a farm with dirt and it makes marks on the floor. I have hardwood through the whole main floor so it bugs me if they walked and droped little dust bits, thus the vacuum will not shut up at my house. My slider well it would have to be laundry since it never ends and I have lots of boys they just share around what they wear anyway uhhh till school starts and then I can't let it be my slider anymore they get vocal about it.
When it comes to activities I get to let hair doos take a slider they are now dictating to me that they will only let a professional cut their hairs. So all summer I had boys that looked like girls till they caved to the statements made by several older then me influences and let me take them to get school hair cuts the day before it started. They look all of a sudden grown right up it was somewhat of a scary shock. They were happy as long as the Mom didn't get to use her hair grabber clippers they said.
Exercise is on the soccer field we have swiftly shifted gears and are now all running up and down the field well one is playing the American style soccer of football but all the rest are doing the soccer thing with me chasing across three fields to watch them all. Did a steak day yesterday trying to keep the weight to a min as the lovely Aunt Flo came for a visit. and then it's drop weight again.

Eating was a nightmare it was late and not very protein filled, also I can't believe that I drank 2 pops today there was no water in sight and I caved on a hot soccer field.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

146.4 Cellulite and fat cells!

Monday 147.4 Last of the peewee 4-H party. What a yummy barbecue I ate just the burgers no bun with all the veg trimmings and watermelon with chicken salad it was so good.

Tuesday 147.0 It was a crazy day of the first soccer games for 3 of my youngest boys. Little guy sat an cried the last game because he wanted to just go home he says he hates this game. I wonder if he will ever play any sports. Thank goodness he didn't have to have any breathing treatment since we didn't get the right packed backpack with us.

Wednesday 146.4 I watched this while I was walk/running on my treadmill finally after a summer of outside moving and now I am grounded to the inside because there are no babysitters at home anymore.
On the show they talked about how the cellulite is sucked out by reducing the water in the cells until it was moved around in a procedure to reduce it, sad thing is it didn't last for long. Hmmm I say after doing HHCG and drinking lots of water or at least the amount I should be in a day that this is what has happened to my body without having to be really evasive and expensive. I flushed the cells and moved them around especially when I get running. Now I am preparing to get rid of about 25 lbs more.
Weighing my very lean beef and getting the stuff like lemon juice and stevia for my extra water consumption. Ya I actually have sucked at water drinking since about the middle of July because one of the kids knocked my water container out of the car on our many horse trips and I have kept forgetting to replace it.
One hour of walking running to about 3 miles yeah me I got some in today.
Oh yeah school started so it's kinda peaceful here at the moment. But its not going to last too long the day is almost over.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

148.6 Green salad and being happy.

So today was one of those day's where the kids ate the cracked wheat cereal for breakfast without a single complaint because after a year I have now changed them into real breakfast eaters instead of cold bag cereal eaters. There was fruit to go on top and they all loved it.

The little guy who still won't eat much that appears mushy has now tried some dried fruit in the shape of a licorice made by Cliff Hangers and he liked it. It was not blueberries and he did yell about it not being for a second but then went ahead and tasted it while eating most of it. The cherries were tart in it but it was fruit in a real form not a corn syrup mix with coloring. That is a huge plus.

I am craving Chocolate, what the heck it must be nearing and rearing it's visiting head soon.

Two days left to starting school Yahweh I am really glad as they are very bored in this house.
Very little exercises has happened except for rapid walking and bending making beds. I sure hope that counts for something.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

147.2 English excersise.

My biggest peeve is when I go back and read my post and find a mistake. Of course I have carefully spelled and then checked and organized the dating and the punctuation (or so I thought). It's so buggy when you find that you goofed and messed and it's not done right or you missed something.
So sorry when I goof or I ramble in exercising my english and it isn't making any sense, most likely I got an interruption by one of my chillens and forgot that I was doing my punctuation sweep over my page.

Work was ok yesterday the young manager who tried to fire was not there. The one who seems clueless most of the time was on. The owner father didn't say a dang thing at all to me not even Hi. I did it fast and was done in 4 hours and back home watching my silly little boys cover themselves with mud from the rain that has poured for two days here. They didn't think it so funny when I told them they had to clean off with the hose and not the shower like there little brains had calculated. It took me an hour to get them washed down because they kept running away after barely spraying it at them. Jer stayed as far from the mess as he could get he hates to be cold and dirty. I am putting the photos on my family site as a history in the making page. Wish I had the ones from their oldest brother and sis when they did the same thing it must run in their genes to get muddy because even my bothers did it when they were little.

Sit ups 50 done
Two miles done
Ate healthy whole wheat spaghetti and homemade sauce with very lean beef last night.
Having a smoothie as I type with cream cheese and whey protein in milk and some peaches blended.
Today's going to be a great day! I might have a few cabins to clean but I haven't called to ask yet.

Friday, August 20, 2010

147.6 Exercise to combat possible stress.

Since Monday I haven't felt like getting up and doing and going with gusto. I had missed my excersise to go work for that dang company early to just get my pride hurt. My body wanted to hold, hold on to foods to that wanted to go up on the scale. I ate lots of things that made me feel yuck. I was angry and had to keep waiting to see what was going to be next. Today is the next I am going back to work. I only do it for this other company because one manager begged me to. He called he asked if I could trust and continue, he hired me, he did not try to fire me and place blame on me where it should not have gone. Will see how today goes.
I did do one good thing Almonds and Cashews are so good for you. Like little brushes in your insides moving bad stuff out. Like white pizza dough and hot dog buns and sticky candy and well I did do one good thing for me I got some from here in the mail that I had ordered and snacked on them yesterday. Pulled my self back to order and have already done my leg lifts and sit ups and side leg lifts and stretching and now I will hit post and then I am walking a mile and then maybe moving to a run for a mile. That's two miles for me today. So glad I am back on track, I think I already have a much better job possibility on the horizon for me. Mind you I only work to keep my far away son on an LDS Mission.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

148.6 Finally a semi quiet day.

It's raining cats and dogs, there is a post sitting that was for Mon. and Tue combined but I have to wait to make it public after seeing what the outcome of life takes, stay tuned.

Eating: I keep getting caught in crazy spots without healthy choices and it's wearing me down. Last night I ate pizza. The crust was thin the toppings were chicken and tomatoes, artichokes and lots of creamy ranch sauce but again there was a heavy white crust. A slice made it in my mouth for breakfast to today. I am still maintaining with slight rise above the goal stop point for my last round.

I can't get to a minute of exercise at all I am playing catch up on bills, paperwork, house keeping and getting kids ready for school. I am tired it's hot and not sleeping well again has occurred. If I could get some in I would drop back to the 145 set point of my last round I am sure.

I really want school to get started.
I want to drop the last 20, well now 25 pounds that my WII says should be my optimum weight for my age and height. I want to do it before all the veggies are gone out of my exploding garden.

I laid plastic in the garden so I didn't have to weed so much and it has worked like a heat absorber and a moisture retainer for the roots of the veggies. I have never had so many cucumbers and lettuce growing at one time. The tomatoes are monsters and will make me can lots for this winter. Not to mention that I will only have to buy meat and fruit for when I start the 25 pound drop for my diet. Well and the expense of an onion or two and some cabbage leaves. This will be the cheapest time I have ever done the diet this year.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Swearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and going backwards?????

Mon.: Scale reading 149.8
Tue.: scale reading 148.0 Talking to authorities again and telling my story.
Wed.: scale reading 148.6 Funeral and scout pack meeting.
Thru.: scale reading: 147.8 Got some peace and was begged to come back to work.

Let me tell you I never do this except when I am very very mad. Monday was and has been one to swear over and accusal has been high and placed on me and now I am furious.
One of the things that gets my craw in a total uproar is when people walk by and see something going on that is of total illegal standing and then they never say a thing nor do a thing about it. Shall I give a small example -- the passing and most likely selling of drugs on school property, mind you elementary school! (yes I turned them in) The turning of an adults head and not telling a parent when their child did something because it's non of their business yet the child is headed for shear destruction of their moral fiber and on the brink of becoming a pregnant teenager because a kid is raping her.(yes I said something even though I didn't know the parents and he landed in jail and is getting help and so is she.)
Then the gaul to accuse someone of stealing an illegal item and releasing them from their employment. Hello I did say illegal item highly illegal and releasing them from their employment. What is this earth coming too. And ultimately the worst a Mother who white washes her sons activities because she isn't into wanting him to get in trouble and yet her very professional job is taking care of youth and counseling youth who do the very thing she is covering for her son being stupid about. Yet he accuses his employee of stealing illegal item and then fires them. Wow ok can I say it again WOW notice I did not swear but I want to. I am a Mom and I have told my kids that should they be stupid and land in jail then I will get them in the morning but expect to sit and think in time out for awhile if they are going to act like a dumb child. Never did I think that an accusal of this sort could be laid onto someone who is impeccably honest and totally forth right so much so that her own Pretty girl says ya I didn't tell you about that stupid friend because you would have told her Mother and she needs to figure out how to get out of this mess herself not with you telling her Mom. Or the Son who tells his friend better not say anything or my Mom will tell the authorities what your doing. Do You get the kind of person that I am. So now I am mad as a very wet hen and there is going to be flames and someone is going to burn for wrongly accusing me of stealing an item left by I guess a guest, and an illegal item at that, when in the act of cleaning and doing my job honestly.

The company who begged me to work for them that is the resort over from the very amazing wonderful honest, clean, trustworthy Deer Creek Resorts made a big mistake. I had a manager accuse me of stealing an illegal smoking item out of a cabin that I did not clean. Things are resolved only because my brother in law is a cop, my best friend is a cop, my nephew is a cop and they realized they made a huge mistake in blaming me. Who fires someone over a supposed missing illegal item who in their right mind? Maybe someone who really is the user hmmmm possibly a manager himself. But I don't trust that company and I will be forever wary and I am for sure looking towards some new employment. I will always recommend Deer Creek Cabins over that other place hands down!
Breakfast-protein drink out the door to work.
Lunch-2 Cucumbers while talking to authorities and filing complaints on above stated disaster.
That was the morning and in the evening upon returning from taking two little guys to do their summer Peewee 4-H show the truck with about 5 thousand tons of trailer and three horses ran out of gas and I had to drive it up a hill being towed and then down two hills to get it home. Nerve wracking and maddening and my elbow is swollen from gripping the steering wheel so hard for that thirty min drive in the pitch black night to get us all pulled home with the white truck that kept me in town so many days ago. I guess I better say as my son calls it, that white truck is NINJA and I am glad it rescued me. But Dinner was at 2:00 am, a Chile beef hot dog on white buns because by that point in time I was staving and had the shakes so bad and my sis in law who had gone ahead of us had dinner waiting for two hours while we had tried to get enough gas into the huge fire engine truck as our kids call it. It has duel tanks and one didn't register right thus it ran out. Whew I am so glad that day ended.

Monday, August 16, 2010

149.8 I survived to a point.

So I am back and alive but the scales suffered or maybe I should be honest and say I suffered upon standing on the scales daily and I am so glad last week is over.
Scale readings:
Tuesday 146.2
Wednesday 146.2
Thursday 149.0
Friday 148.6
Saturday I totally forgot because I left at 6:00 am my usual weigh in time.
Sunday 150.6

Bottom Line Food at a County Fair is so not good for you. Not drinking enough water while standing in the hot sun day after day is not good for you. Getting sick and feeling like crap from dust and smoke is so not good for you. I crave healthy food choices from my garden and fridge like crazy.

I tried to eat protein selections but all that is is hamburgers with no veggies and bread buns on both sides when at a county fair. Finally I yielded to chips and cheese and fajitas with lots of their sugar sauces, Italian ice, potato salad samples, peanut butter sandwiches, ice cream at the livestock family partie, soda pop to try and quench thirst, breaded chicken chunks. Super healthy eating is rough when your on the go that many days. Sat we finally were able to get grapes and cheese sticks with yogurt cups that felt sorta healthy. On Sunday all I felt like eating was Cherri bell tomatoes and some protein drink.
There is a forest fire in the county behind us so the smoke on Thur. got to being really blown over us as we sat watching the Rodeo that my pretty girl rode in. By the end we went home smelling like a camp fire and pretty much that hasn't really stopped since. I must be allergic to something that is burning because I got super sick to the point of getting antihistamines to help get through the itch eyes and inflamed lungs and nose drips. Jer just had to have an oxygen increase and my Z guy looks like he has permanently sunburned eyes and cheeks he is allergic like me to whatever is burning in those mountains.
On the positive side Pretty girl has enough points to ride and represent our 4-H horse division at they State 4-H show, she sold both her sheep and got blue ribbons, Son in far away land got a blue and red ribbon on his photo entries that we entered for him and Mc managed to get a blue ribbon on a horse that is so claustrophobic that maybe she shouldn't be put inside of a stall at the county fair. She was a psychological mess and could hardly stand to be away from Pretty girls horse Hobbles so he had to force her to do any of the 4-H advents and it took alot of skill on his part, he is getting to be a very good horseman.

Monday, August 9, 2010

146.8 Totally tired and it's not the end of the week.

I caught myself wondering what next week would be like and oh boy it's only Monday and I felt like it was Friday. I am way tired and ready for summer of freedom from school to be over. The kids are so bored that it's crazy. Now with my mini morphed into large job I would love for them to be on a set schedule so that my house quits being taken apart. Ah well I best be quiet now because in a few months I will be toting a different set of tirades of songs somewhere in the line of, oh I wish we had a little bit more freedom and not so many homework deadlines. HAHA balance it's just not there when you wish for other things to happen.

30 leg lifts 30 sit ups 30 curles with 5 pound weight and walked all over a ton.

Breakfast: Cream cheese smoothie with cherries and flax seeds and a cucumber.
Lunch: Nutella sandwich
Dinner: Eggs and pepper cheese with sauteed spinach sprinkled with lemon pepper and tomatoes,
Hubby said that the spinach was like something at a French gourmet restaurant and dang good he went without the eggs.

Pretty girl had her last horse drill team practise and her poor horse sure hated the flags whipping around his head that all the girls carried. Pretty girl needs to lift weights so her arms can get stronger.
Crashed into bed and I am sure I am going to drag back out for the rest of the week. I am unsure of posts as it's fair week in our county and that always means early early to rise and late late to bed.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

145.8 Wow maybe it was because it was carrot cake!

Ya that's got to be the reason it was all made of a veggie and it somehow counters out all the sugar and flour. I was in total shock when I stood on the scale. 2 days of special occasion foods just gotta mess with the scales and when it didn't well I got off got on and got off and did it again.

I guess my body is maintaining well.

Steak day again because the boys want to tryout the new grill we inherited and they marinated them all night so they would be ready after church to grill up.
It was raining like crazy again so this morning I didn't try to go running again. This weather is being strange for around here usually it is dang hot.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

146.0 I ate Cake two days in a row now.

So wedding cake yesterday and anniversary cake tonight hmmm what is that scale going to be like.?

Quinoa and cream cheese with blueberries for breakfast.
Peppers for lunch and a yummy hamburger with home made catsup, as one of my boys calls it, and my own garden grown lettuce and tomatoes.
Dinner was these little chicken sandwiches in a heart shape and cake cake and at least 3 pieces of cake. Like I said wonder what the scale is going to be like.

ABs crystal ball video today and a .5 mile walk plus mad cleaning of my own house today.

Friday, August 6, 2010

FRIDAY FRY DAY I feel like i am frying up!

More cabins to clean plus mine own yep drowning or frying is what it looks like. My mini job has become all consuming not sure I can handle it all. I started cleaning cabins for a friend and then the other resort near by said hey would you do ours too. Now it's exploded into 4 hours everyday so far. At least it's pretty much just a summer kind of thing but in the mean time it's wowowow over whelming. I am making pretty girl come help me so she can do it next summer if she wants and I will already have the foot in the door going on.

These are DEER CREEK CABINS on Hwy 89 the prettiest little get away on the road to Bryce Canyon and Zions Canyon so stop in, stay a few nights on the river and enjoy these beds I make for plush dream sleeping at night.
Is that an ad plug or what. Am I crazy asking you all to come so I can make more beds up, yes that's right that's just what I am doing.

Leslie Sansone video for my Crystal ball and wow my arms hurt because I used my heavier weights. Did a lot of running from cabin to cabin today can I count that as my miles? Cut and cooked my chicken preparing for the return of doing P2 and dropping that last 25 pounds on my tummy.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

145.2 YOWSIE I love that steak day.

I guess maybe your body has to burn hard to break up a steak but look at that drop. Good thing cause today there is a wedding dinner to go to and I want to stay low on the scale.
I walked 2 miles and ran 2.5 miles today. I seem to get going better if I walk the first mile. Like the old bones need warming up and the lungs need to be blown up a few times. After that I can run without gasping for air down deep in the lower bottom end.

Wedding meal was filled with lots of veggy selections which was so yummy and even a sweet pudding treat with all kinds of toppings that are very risky but I ate anyway.
Mini Job has morphed into maybe more then I want. I ended up changing 9 beds today and that wasn't at my house. Hmm rethinking if I want to do this for someone else or if my own house might be more important. They better pay me well or it's not going to happen anymore.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

148.0 Hiking with my scouts

Yep I am getting my exercises in one way or another. I took the scout group that I work with on a hike up to see a cave called Hundred hands cave made with real hands placed on the wall of the rock cave many many years ago. The Indians made the prints and they are preserved behind an iron gate for all to see. It was about a 1.92 mile walk all the way around, we had fun.

Then off to mini job and then back to do peewee 4-H I feel like I ran a marathon today. I changed 7 beds and cleaned three houses I think I am way tired.

Steak day by default of no eating time boy was it yummy. I also had two apples and an chocolate Nutella sandwich in there somewhere. Veggies are starting to pop out of my garden so fresh yummy very soon will grace my tastes.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

147. Pizza Pic like I promised.

What a family of 9's version of Cauliflower Pizza looks like, here is the original recipe link to this. This is the cauliflower crust base cooked.
If you look real hard to the left you can see that one side is gourmet with spinach and onions that I pre sauteed on only a well not half of the family allotment for the Dad and me.
Finished with orange white mix of shredded cheese because all the mozzarella is in the crust mix.
Yep I would say this was one big hit pizza and the whole pan was gone really fast. This includes the pretty girl eating and that's an accomplishment because she really hates pizza but will eat mine if I make it. She didn't know that it was not a bread crust. The boys as you can see are inhaling it.

The next day I made smaller ones with some of the left over dough into taco pizza with chips crumbled on top and hamburger cooked with salsa and peppers and olives but the boys ate it to fast for a photo shoot.
Did my ABs video for my crystal ball and I can feel the move called the plank in my hips this evening. Did mini job and then went and cut limbs off tree branch that fell in my Mom and Dads yard. The boys have more wood to sale again.

Monday, August 2, 2010

147.8 I am nursing a blood pressure headache.

The Hubby is on my case about getting my blood pressure checked again. When it's that lovely TOM on about the 3rd day I can hardly see straight from the headache that can't be cut by anything at times. Maybe I should agree and stop being stubborn.
Wood cutting again getting the boys set with a really cool set up they think. It can be a project that will help with FFA (future farmers of America) grades, pic to come when the project is complete.

Headache finally left at late noon and we went in to full gear of pulling nails out of old fencing. Doing farm chores and laundry the never ending battle I fight. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to be a pioneer and have only two sets of clothing. NAAA I like to wear many styles.

Dinner: Cauliflower pizza Pic tomorrow.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

146.0 Sunday sweetness.

I like that the scale has stayed low today after all that treat eating. I am fasting two meals it's what we do the first Sunday of the month in my church and then the amount we would have spent on our food goes to those who have not.
The class was a dream of quietness we didn't even have to go get drinks 3 times, was I an amazing teacher or are they just finally getting the whole class plan down?
Arrived home to make the healthiest Taco salad mixing cracked wheat into ground beef and refried beans and salsa mixture. Of course no one wanted to eat it and so I am the only one who did it was so yummy and different with the wheat kernels being slightly crunchy in the mix. Hubby wished I had cooked it just a bit longer before mixing it all together so it would have been softer. Later I noticed that several had eating a bit of it but still am unsure if they liked it. Off to bed so I can read my far a way boys email note when it arrives at 4 amish and then fall back to sleep. I am not running until this dang headache leaves me. My blood pressure must be up again going to go check now. See ya all later.