Friday, April 30, 2010

158.8 Back to my ending point!


  1. Kids dumped toys in my workout spot did pick up and sidetracked not getting to the workout.
  2. Wore their dirty shoes by workout spot so their is dust on hardwood floor, I can not lay down.
  3. Dirty boys socks by workout spot.
  4. Someone didn't do their dumping rainbow vacuum job so now I got to. Just so I can workout.
  5. Someone unhooked VCR so now I have to do electrical untangle to get my workout video going.
I do love my boys but sheesh they are so dang messy sometimes it's irritating.

So yesterdays workout looked like 3 miles run/walk I did 2 mile run/walk after the Banquet dinner. Today I am going to somehow concur my laundry HAAaaa. I hate that job sometimes.
45 min workout today is Pilates For Every Body with Denise Austin. I needed the stretch and the hubby says we are going on a long walk together to.

I prep cooked for the month and I will show you all the before and afters after a bit and I am now ready for any surprise appointments that will make me be caught without cooked backup foods. I even cooked some steak strips for fajitas on the run.
Oh ya my tuna wasa sandwich was so so so good glad I tried it and as we can all see even with the crazy derail that I made work for me last night. I lost I lost I lost I lost I lost.
I have so many lunch choices today that we will blog that later tonight.

Lunch: Grilled Chicken over Romain lettuce with homemade Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing. I also took a bit of the chicken and added it to some broth that I made with some onions to drink and tame the Dressing down after.

Recipe for dressing in that cool cookbook I have.

My husband just told me that after my last baby was born I weighed 200 pounds I can not remember that. I was under way to much stress. I do remember feeling frustrated about slowly sliding up from 175 to 180 but I got that reading on the scale like a year later when my baby and I were finally home and starting to be normal or as normal as it's going to get at my house with him.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

160.8 dang thats not very much.

So yesterday was a what I would call spread it day. I ate my dinner 5 Strawberries at one store. Then proceeded to the next store and ate my Wasa crackers. Ate my steak piece right at 6:00 and then at 8:00 ate my cucumber with salt and Stevia on it. I even think I forgot my drops at lunch but took care to do a dose at 6 and again right before I got to go to bed at 10. I didn't lose very much as compared to the other days. I am wondering if it is the shrimp. I guess I will have to wait a few days and see what happens when I do it again on another day. It also could be the Shrimp steak combo that happened too on the same day.

I am going to experiment. I like ground turkey so I am going to see if I can lose when eating it still. This is 90% lean. Today I am going to also try Albacore White tuna in water to see what that does in the weight categories. I want a tuna sandwich can you tell

Lunch: White Tuna with chopped celery mixed with Sweet n Spicy mustard dressing on a wasa cracker and an orange.
Dinner: Chicken with Strawberries cucumber salad marinated in the Strawberry vinaigrette with a melba toast. (Did not happen)
All recipes are on my cool little e-mailable recipe book that I follow.

(So I had a slight derail, Daughter had an awards banquet and so
I ate a hamburger most likely over 3.5 oz and wrapped it in the lettuce that was set to make the burgers. Also I picked through a spinach salad to get enough leaves but they were covered in dressing so here's hoping it is ok in the morning scales).

Going for a 4 mile run on the treadmill since there is way to much snow all of a sudden.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2.6 lbs done again. INCES INCHES GOING away.

So I made it through yesterday I got hungry and what the heck is up with my forever needing to peee ( ok it is just the fat cells shrinking and releasing and they gotta let thier water go somewhere.) I only have 2.8lbs to be back to the lowest weight that I was on round 1. It is buggy and I now know there is no way I am ever doing a three day load even if I have to take all the goods with me camping. I will make sure I am prepared to start when needed. This of course comes after having learned all that I have during my first round.


It does seem to take a lot of concentration to get through the first round and lots of cooking which now it's a piece of cake to me, but that's where hands on gives you the advantage over the first learning parts.

I am thinking about all the crap that is getting reset and out of my system. Shots for making me stop going into labor, then shots to make my babies lungs develop faster, high blood pressure meds out the wasu. Antibiotics to combat C-section and infections later. I used to just nurse my babies for two years and then melt that fat down. Last time I was hooked to a stupid milking machine and could only last one year at it. My last baby never did nurse from me. Then how about an appendicitis and whatever other meds I got at that time and more antibiotics. Good grief how does a body handle all that? Well my gut instinct says it makes it into the fat stores and stays. I still have to sorta breath those stupid steroids whenever I give my little guy a heavy dose breathing treatment ( and yes it drives me crazy that this is what keeps his lungs open when he gets a stupid cough).

Lunch: Grilled Shrimp and tomatoes with Stevia the last of my Grissini sticks 2 and an Orange.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

164. lbs Movein on down again.

WHEEEW at least its moving down again. I have 5.4 to lose to get back to the ending point of my first round. I was so scared that it would not go down. Why did I feel that way when I knew it worked the first time I did it. I am not sure except that our brains as women (can't speak for a guy) can really tell ourselves some whopper lies and talk us out or in whatever that matter might be. I still think back to when I didn't think I was in an Obese category and that others were and the lie I gave myself. Thank goodness I at least tell myself more positive things more often then negative things. The joy to feel so energized and able to get stuff done is wonderful. Now let me be honest here. The kids can destroy the work I did in a matter of moments and I feel like I will never be unburied from the laundry land that 7 kids (that is including the hubby) make. There are two of them that do their own laundry but there is always some of theirs in ours. The dishes have to be done many times over and without fail every time I mop I wonder why I did because two seconds later something is dumped on the clean floor. I tell myself this too shall pass over and over again. I have no room to be OCD with this many kids in my house.

I have to make a chart for my measurements. The fat rolls are smoothing out all over my body and that is such a nice thing to notice but the ruler would say the biggest changes so I better record it for my eyes to see the gradual changes that my body is making.


Dr. Mercola has some things that will make your brain mull over I am always ready for other opinions. It just gives me more power to my desire to learn is what I say.
Dr. Mercola talkes about a sweetener called Agave. I really liked the info that I came to understand better just in an over all educated bases about sweeteners and what they can do to our bodies just because of his article. Read this link to learn more. yep click that back there and it will take you to the article.

Lunch: Fish with Curry Tomatoes and Stevia sprinkled with salt. Grapefruit half.
Dinner: Venison Steak with Stevia Carmel Onions and fried apples.

Monday, April 26, 2010

169.4 WOW thats alot to gain in three days!

So my body just sucked it all up and packed it on. Those fat cells are still there ready to accept it all and hang on to it for dear life when you increase the Carbs and maintain no control. Good lesson, I wonder what it will be like when I eat whole wheat and brown rice instead of all the refined foods that were there for my taking this weekend. I could care less about eating today. No hunger messages until closer to the evening meal. I ate fish with tomatoes and a grissini for my lunch. Oh and my apple too. For my dinner it was a chicken, celery, orange tossed with some braggs for dinner. My tummy is still doing a huge rubble.

I really am glad I have my cool recipe book for this round and also loved using On the Lighter-side of low carb link to get through some of my recipe hangups with the maintenance phase. Atkins link is also great and they sent me a great carb counting book that I carry with me always.

I'm back Round 2 P2 Here we go!

So Wed. the 21st, I left for a family reunion last maintenance meal was done at Wendy's drive in with their chicken grilled pecan salad minus their dressing. We were on the road and I did eat some almonds to stay awake for the drive but otherwise it was a good ending day. That morning is to much of a blur to remember what I ate. But I was 161.0 on the morning weigh in. Like I said up and down up and down. Hopefully my body will figure this whole thing out on the next maintenance round.

Thur. 22 loading day! Out of necessity because of camping I am doing the three days only because I am not going to be able to control all the food sources that I have going on around me. I took it really light this day but it did conist of lots of protiens that were drizzled in butters and more fats then usual. I ate my cookies that I had frozen from a party that I went to when I was in R1P2 since they could be a part of the loading regimen. They aren't your everyday cookies, they were mini exotics and that would be the only reason I would be so crazy as to freeze for a later day.

Fri. 23 Scones scones and more scones were the meal plan that all the family was doing so its something you do not pass up especially with honey butter or raspberry butter on them. I had cream in my milk and chocolate cashews and fried potatoes with chicken kabobs. I did eat white rice with haystacks also.

Sat. 24 morning I wished I was home being able to start the 500 cal amount because I was sick of eating. Two days is enough if you are getting lots of good fats I think; how would I know I didn't haul my scale with me. I figured whatever the pounds got to I would have to just burn it off and make this round work hard for me. Not only was I sick of eating but I felt sick in my insides. After going down like that I am not sure what happens inside of you but it sure seemed like it all packed onto my belly and I spent forever in the bathroom too.

Also I a very sunburned even with lots of sunscreen on and walked over 45 miles during this camping adventure.

So happy to start the next round and eat lighter.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I feel so gooooood!!!

Treadmill run/walk 4 miles whoo, some day I will be able to run the whole time.

My partner said that she has stayed right at the same weight that she ended at so I guess it can be done. I just haven't seen that with my body yet. Crazy body still up and down. 160.8 today and the loading days are coming sooooon to start on another round and move on down the scale.

Sample of what I ate today so far. Breakfast shake with flax seed ground up, milk, ricotta cheese, frozen peaches and some almonds. YUMMY! Lunch was an omelet with red peppers a tiny bit of left over hamburger from dinner last night, a zucchini, and some asparagus with Havarti dill cheese on the top. I think I will have a mini steak for dinner tonight with lots of onions but we shall see.

Drinking water I have found is way important. If I miss now I feel dehydrated and I also hang on to the weight lots more.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A tiny bit up AGAIN!

If I could put my finger on what it is that makes me go so up and down it would be nice. My body loves to bounce around with the 160 .8 spot a lot. I had been 158.6 yesterday after a steak day the day before, which was down from the last LSW (Last Sub lingual Weight). So I am just going to eat like I normally do and see what happens tomorrow. Oh I am pretty much doing the Atkins Induction diet right now so I can stay in control of what weight it have lost so far.
I am getting excited to start Round 2 of P2.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ONE more week to round 2 for me!

So I finally got the steak day in yesterday. Even though I was down again I want to be back at the point I ended the first round that I did on the protocol. So I went from 161.8 yesterday to 158.6 today. The steak I ate at around noon because I knew I wouldn't get time to cook later that evening with a Prom date showing up to take my girl out. I ate an avocado and half a tomato with my steak. So I am not sure if its the protein that takes so long to break down and more fat is burned or what but it worked to go actually lower then what I ended at so I am happy.

158.6 is where I ended today 159.2 was the end point back on APRIL 1, 2010 so its a few ounces down even.

I ran and walked some 4 miles yesterday too and it feels so good to get that exercising in.

I hope my oven gets fixed before I start my next round because I really would have liked to make that Cauliflower Pizza that heard was so good.

Friday, April 16, 2010

What a DAY!

So that was a messy day at trying for a steak only day.
I got super hungry so I ate almonds. Several different times.
Finally when it didn't look like I was going to ever get dinner at 7:45pm
I ate a grilled chicken over lettuce with tomatoes and mushrooms at a drive through.
The scales the next morning say 160.8 so its down not by much and I will live with it.
I am heading out for a run in the nice warm air that is finally here
and then back to sewing the Prom stuff so its done for the next day.

I like to have oopies frozen
in the freezer so I can grab when I am short of time,
they are a very good fast filler.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Slow creep up again!

So I am at 161.4 which is back at the two pounds exactly over the stop weight. I am not sure if its cause of the Aunt Fo visit, or the not enough protein possibility. How can that be you say well, the Hubby is fixing the broken oven going on day three now and so the cooking isn't to hot at our house. Add the fact that the High School Prom is on this weekend I am a bit divided and busy and maybe better stop and look at what I am not eating but I am going to do another one of those only a steak days because I do not want to find that it moves higher over the next really crazy filled days ahead.

I also didn't realize that I might be a brave soul in a unitard, it's just what I have to run in and that's how it goes when you've been fat and your not about to go buy something cute and skinny till you hit your goal. See the vote tally on Shut UP and Run!

Going to do a short run walk of only two miles cause I have a dress to finish sewing and a flower to buy and who knows what else my Prom Queen will think up for me today.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trying to win a workout Bra!

So today I am sitting great. Weigh at 161.2 such an up and down so if it’s not down tomorrow then come on steak day again. Otherwise I am feeling really great. I am eating Oppsies for breakfast with the peach breakfast shake that I add flax seed and ricotta cheese with Stevie and almonds today.
It was divine. And I hit a 4.5 to 5 speed on the treadmill for 4 miles. I can not express how wonderful it feels to be able to go with the intensity
of that and not crash as I used to in the past. Thanks HCG for getting me to that point so I can workout this hard now. Lunch Shrimp curry with coconut milk and dinner is a good old chicken casserole.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Crazy weekend so much fun!

Sat 162.2 Sun 160.6 today 159.8. So I have maintained and even dropped after having an amazing weekend with the best extended family around. I usually have time to post but nope to busy. I tried to track what I ate so I knew if I went up, but didn't do well keeping that record. My partner told me when I was worrying about being up a bit on Sat; she said "hey your ok its not that high on the scale yet." So for brunch I ate some vanilla yogurt and berries and tiny bit of homemade granola, peer pressure and I had just traveled two hours to attend a bridal shower couldn't be rude and not partake. Then the real lunch was at Outback I ate their yummy blue cheese salad with the dressing on the side, asked for veggies instead of potatoes, and that they leave the seasoning off the Salmon. I did use a tiny bit of the dressing which tasted overly sweet. It's interesting to note that to me things that have sugar added are overly sweet to eat and I would rather not have it added in the dressing at all if I made it myself. Of course I think this sweetness that I can taste in things has come since I did the Hcg diet. My partner is seeing the same results to her tasted buds. I snacked on almonds and an apple and an Oppsie rolls off of Cleochatras LOW-Carb blog recipes the rest of the day.
Sunday was a whirlwind of activity and I think I ate a smoothie with peaches and flax seed in milk and steak later with cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. And then late dinner of oppies that I had frozen.
So that catches me up to today and the great scale reading and the lovely Aunt Flo visit which very well could be why I was higher on the scale the days before.
The dang chocolate crave is back with Aunt Flo and so I had some sugar free Russel Stovers on hand and dang that silly Stevia Chocolate water. I sorta ate like a 500 call today as I was just not at all hungry except for that Choco need. Had Chicken breast for dinner and laid around most of the day today.
I think I am not as Carb sensitive as some others might be but time will tell.
Still waiting to see if I won new work out clothing from Shut Up and Run blog click and enter if you want to try it too.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Today I am getting brave.

I am connecting up links to running blogs along with all the other stuff I study out in helping me to lose and look better again. So entering this girls contest and trying to win me some updated running clothing since mine is ya from the 1980's OLD YA.

Scroll down to see the contest rules and get running. Well click and then scroll I should say. I love the name of her blog. SHUT UP AND RUN! so with that said I am sittting at 160.6 on the scale today.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


It really works I dropped clear back to 159.2 even having eaten the steak in the early noon instead of the evening and I am so so happy. I admit I thought I would only go back a few ounces and not the whole two pounds worth. Now to make my body stay at that set weight.

I ate coconut pancakes that are more like a crepes when they cook up. They are yummy, it was kinda of my own mixture that I thought up and that's why they are more like a crepe I think. I made a hamburger last night and blended dried parsnips, and zucchini, with some shredded frozen carrots. I added garlic and onion powder and a couple of eggs to about a pound and then mixed it and made them into patty's topped with a cheddar cheese top. My kids snarfed them so fast. Even my picky none eating baby liked his two triangle and square bites. The older boys wrapped them in a lettuce leaf the little boys ate them on a wasa cracker and the girl and my hubby ate with sugar free Raspberry salad dressing from Waldon Farms. I get to have mine for lunch today. I would say that they were a big hit.

Just some links that I fell on to that can make a farmers hair curl. I have already tried to sift through the labels and resigned myself to homemade ingredients to rid myself of the corn syrup.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Scale came up to 161.6 thats 2.4 pounds over LIW.

So I am doing a steak day, this is not getting the best of me. We will see how well this works. Maybe it will only drop a few ounces not the whole two pounds. I studied what I ate yesterday and maybe it was the dark fried chicken that I had to peel the breading off of that is like the only thing I can think of that could have got me. Or my body is just having a time adjusting. Well whatever it is I am doing what Dr. Simeon's says to do if you gain 2lbs even a few ounces over.

Ok so my day was rough my Hubby wanted to take me out to eat since its been at least two months and I was groaning because today of all days WHY. So JB's at noon I ate a grilled sirloin steak with 3 tomato slices, 1 green leaf lettuce, and scrambled eggs no extras added to it. And ate nothing else for the rest of the day just drank my lovely water. This is a major compromise of how the Dr. says to do it but I had to please the hubby too since we had no children with us and that is always a rarity.

Oh I ran 1 mile today on the treadmill and walked 2 feeling GOOOD.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seeming to hold at 160.2 lbs.

Staying at the 160 pound spot it looks like.
I have tried making Chocolate candy that I like except the Coco is really dark and unsweetened so I added coconut cream to the equal parts of coconut oil and Hershey powder. I liked how the little cream chunks pop up in the middle of the little cup of chocolate. I did add packets of stevia and could have added more to make it sweeter
I have made oppisies off of On the Lighter side of Low-carb website which is listed on side bar with a link to get to hers. I am going to make lots and freeze so I have them on emergency back ups to take apart my hamburgers or whatever when I am out on the road.
I made quiche with eggs, chicken chunk, cheese and spinach and dried ground zucchini from my food storage stash. Yummy quick treat.
Looking forward to making some more cooking things of the blog I listed above.
It is really frustrating to see how many things you can not eat because of all the sugars that are added and even the starches. Staying pretty raw is pretty much the safest bet through this phase or make sure you cook ahead.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Scary but hang in there. R1P3 thats me.

So after the Easter weekend and eating food and getting the flu I am finally back and sitting at 160.6 that's 1.4lbs back and it better not go up. I did do a treadmill run this morning so we better start seeing a leveling here. It is hard to make sure you sneak up on the cal amount when you are not sure of the count and have to spend time sitting at the computer to keep it all tallied. Well I am trying and thank goodness I can do it again if I have to and will since I want to lose the rest of this sugar sack that I am tired of carrying on my body.

Here's a girl that has done a ton of cooking and figured out great recipes for us all to follow when we move to P3 status.
The Lighter Side of Low-Carb

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The truth is 159.8 lbs the next morning.

This is so utterly amazing two ounces is nothing I am staying in the set point area. I love it here's to eating something new today and seeing if I stay the same tomorrow. I can not wait until I am in the 120 range. Patience patience it will appear.

Still Holding at 159.2 lbs

I Woke up and had stayed the same yea! So all day went over all well, tomorrow will tell all after increasing the calorie intake a bit more then the last month. I ate an omelet and increased to broccoli salad with ranch dressing and some chocolate milk. Ummmm cheese pieces. I was pretty conservative but went up to 1250 calorie over the whole day. I did walk on the treadmill for three miles and felt wonderfully fit. Late that night I had to get even with my tease of a wild son and sat on him holding him for a very long while. It felt good to not be winded and winning him, he is always pestering and this time he was not sure how to handle the fact that his Mom had the upper hold on him.

PICTURE TRUTH IS NOW ON VIEW. Oh I even had to punch some holes in my belt to tighten it up, that felt amazing. Chin had better get smaller or maybe they do lipo up there. Ah would never be brave enough for that. I will just let HCG melt it on the next round in May. I can not believe how great I feel and no sagging skin either.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

159.2 on the morning scale. 24.8 POUNDS GONE

I think I am loosing it, I thought today was the the day I got to eat. Started to drink some whole milk and then called my partner and said something about do you think milk is allowed on P3? Big discussion and a few min later she says are you already drinking it? What are you doing today is the third day off the drops tomorrow is when we eat. GOOD GRIEF thank goodness I have her I must have lost a day somewhere in there with kids being out of school. I am now laughing but mad because I woke up to find that I lost another pound. 24.8 on the scale now whooo. I have reached my goal that I wanted and I could have just muffed it all up there is still HCG in my system and so it would have not continued to burn the last of the fats and would have just burned up the milk and eggs and olive oil that I was planning on eating this morning. I am so happy and ready to jump up and down about hitting my goal desire. I would not recommend doing a 40 day unless you have nerves and control of steal. I want to eat more then 500 cal so bad that its really hard to not slip. Going for 33 days would have been more manageable but of course hind sight is always better.
I did Denise Austin Pilates for every body. Its for strengthening and toning. It felt so good and stretched new spots in my body I love the feeling of getting toned. I wish my stretch bands were not so tight but they will get lose with time.

Lunch fish soup with cucumber strawberries salad and of course my three liters of french vanilla stevia water.