Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28, 2010 174.2 Wii 173.6 New scales

Its going down by tiny ounces. Where is the pound drop everyone talks about. I still didn't cheat today, wanted to but I didn't. I must tell my brain that I want to be 120 over and over again.
That was this mornings recording.
Stupid fishy crackers. They just jumped into my mouth as I handed them to all my little kids and couldn't resist. Oh why do we do this to ourselves when we really want the loss of weight. I called my HCG partner. She laughed at me and told me it will be ok that maybe I should carry my toast with me when I teach these little kids classes. I talked myself into believing that they were like my bread sticks except I am sure there is more calories then the toast and grissines. The problem is I have no idea how many per the calories of a small pile makes if I said that right. I do not buy them cause I thought I hated them at least they are not my choice in crackers when buying in the past.
Lunch Oregano Chicken and Strawberry Cucumber salad with melba toast. Dinner Spinach orange salad with white fish rolled in crumbs and curry powder covering. It was really good with sweet and salty taste to it.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27, 2010 175 Wii, 173.6 New scales HMMM

So I got a new scales yesterday and wow is there ever a huge difference. So I think for a bit I will have to measure with both until I see what the difference is. I have to travel with the one and my kids just might be moving the Wii one enough to make it not so accurate.
I must stay on track with meal eating. I was super busy and got off and ended up really hungry since I ate lunch at about 2:32 and then it burned up fast but I still didn't get to eat dinner at 5:00 and paid later for not staying on track. Lunch was chicken garlic apple spinach salad. Dinner fish with grissini crumbs baked on it. I resisted every single craving moment today and even stood and smelled yummy pizza and cupcakes at my nephews birthday party.
I feel smaller in some ways is it just my imagination or what cause I haven't dropped pant sizes yet.

Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010 175.3 BMI 29.92

Only tiny little ounces lost but I will keep going. I sat at this weight for over a year and I am sure my body is hiccuping here and not wanting to let go of the familiar. I think I went over the 500 cal limit. I felt very very full last night. I have thought a lot lately about how I often would skip breakfast and lunch in the name of staying low in my cal amount ( thought that's not what I would have called it back before learning to count calories) and then eating dinner and still not losing any weight the next day. Maybe I was starving myself to a certain point over the past year. I know that your body will not release fat if it thinks it is going to be in a starvation moment. I think that is some of what my body was acting like. Also about three years ago for at least 7 months I wasn't in a position or didn't take the position to cook my own food and ate out a lot. Flooding my body with all kinds of overly heavy foods that it couldn't take. Just like Dr. Simeon's talked about, making your body have more then it can handle so it sends it to the extra storage bank that will not release it shame on me.
I am feeling like my core muscles need more strengthening. I have been using cabbage and red leaf lettuce and today I am getting spinach leaves so they are smaller and easier to eat on a plate. I love it now when I wake up I do not have that groggy tired feeling. Unlike when your growing a baby and tired all the time. It also helps that all my babies sleep pretty much through the night now thus I sleep to.
Lunch shrimp, and tomatoes with a stevia reducing sauce that was the best. I crushed my melba toast on top and felt full again. I took my apple with me and went shopping. This amount of calories burns so fast. I am hungry by the time dinner hits. I spread my apple in between the meals today. and that helped me get through. I even ate my toast while I was cooking my dinner cause I couldn't wait. Dinner was hamburger, cucumbers grapefruit salad. On a side note; I froze the whole time I was shopping and it was really a very nice day outside. I wore my coat all day and night actually. The day before I was burning and hot what strange body sensations. As I look back through the week I realize that I had lots of emotional arguments going on in my head about what it was that was really working or is it just the reduction of eating less. Yet when I review I eat about the same, more on some days meaning skipping breakfast and lunch often in the past and eating at the evening meal only. I do drink more water then I used to. These foods do burn faster then the kinds I ate so that is changed and the meat portion is smaller. Well all I can say is the body is amazing if we just learned how to use it better.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25, 2010 175.9 BMI 30.04

Hmm I am feeling a bit bugged my hubby has this big old scales with the line measurement and I really do not like it because it will not give me an ounce reading so I always go by what my Wii says especially since it records and stamps and I can see it moving down it really helps me visualize the change going on. So this morning the big scale is way different then the Wii reading and I felt bugged. I really want a new scales. I also had a bad head rush headache last night when I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. My blood pressure was spiked up high. I still slept pretty good and woke up with the blood pressure back to normal and no headache. I had cabbage chicken, orange and grissine sticks for lunch For dinner crab cakes with the melba toast rolled into the mix and a tiny bit of onions and tomatoes in a lettuce leaf rolled up. My kids were drooling over my dinner and Hubby said hey when are you going to make that for us. My partner is still a bit ahead of me but pretty much we are going down at the same rate.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24, 2010 176.8 BMI 30.19

So I have been using my Wii scale to log the weight change and start thinking about what if I have to be out of town then what scale will I use. I felt great when I woke up this morning and the afternoon came up and surprised me. I have to remember to eat right at 12:00 noon or I risk getting too hungry. My lunch was White fish in tin with asparagus. Dinner was a hamburger taco in a lettuce wrap. I forgot my fruit tonight. I have got to get a mobile scales.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23,2010 178 BMI 30.37

Oh this feels like such a slow lose yet I know that's not true. I wondered if I would lose slow. I had a grouchy day I wasn't focused and yet I had plenty of energy. I really want to be skinny again. I felt hungry all day it seemed. I realized that I need to eat right on schedule and not go for longer then past the 12 noon hour to eat lunch. Besides I should keep the spray going at the same time everyday too. So as I start to fix my meal I spray and hold under my tongue for 30 seconds or longer if I can and after 30 min my meal is ready to eat and I am good to go again. I had Baked Apple Chicken over Lettuce. I needed to not eat so many melba toasts. I went over by 3 more then the allotted amount. Maybe I should count calories now and make sure I am within the 500 limit for the day. NAAA I am fine.

Did you know that if you are low in your protein intake you will hang on to fat more because your body needs more.
Ok Ok I am going to check my calorie amount. Dinner Lean Steak 114. cal Stevia Carmel Onions .32 cal 1 orange Never mind I ate whats on the list and so I am being good I tell myself.

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Remember you can buy it from me and not have to mix it. It comes in a spray bottle and is premixed.

Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010 179, BMI 30.56

IT REALLY IS WORKING! I want to tell people and then talk myself out of it. I need to be believable and I am just starting so calm down girl. I could have gotten it for so much less money back when whoever it is that called me and told me about it and I dismissed them, good grief that was stupid on my part. But I guess we each have to learn and come to acceptance. Water sure holds a lot of energy inside it if we will just partake of it. I have no more headache or pressure from the water intake I also am not having to have as many relief stops to empty the water out of me. I am getting through the day all the way without the usual burn out feeling that hits me around 2 to 4 p.m. The pounding is still there, but my blood pressure is normal. I think about it for a bit and remember that I have at one time been in renal failure and this was kind of what I felt like when I had IV"S in me and all that fluid inside. The big difference is that my tissues are not holding the water this time it is flushing through and that pounding must be my kidneys working to move it out. I wonder if it will lessen over the next days and my body gets adjusted to taking the 2 liters of water that we should all have as adults. My partner lost 3 lbs and thinks she must be just having dumped a ton of water off her. Her turn to be skeptical. She says she is hungry to much and grouchy. As I eat my lunch I think I must have been starving myself through the years. Shrimp and tomatoes with curry sauce. Melba toast and apple. Dinner is Mongolian Beef and Cabbage, orange and grissini sticks. Yuck won't be trying that recipe again. To much cabbage maybe. Skeptical again is it the HHCG or is it just the diet that is making me lose the weight? Would a light amount of working out make me drop more? I feel really grouchy also and emotionally wrung out what is going on here I wonder. Stop doubting and stay true I tell myself and Goodnight.

February 21 2010 Holy Smokes It worked. 180.8

More would have been nicer but ok everything that I packed on is gone. Dr. Simeon's states that there will be about a one pound loss each day. There sure better be. Why am I still being skeptical I think to myself. Maybe because I am using the homeopathic version and not so many people have posted about that route so it makes me wonder. A light curry 1/2 apple, chicken salad and a cheat with fishy crackers. What! why a cheat, is it cause I am being told to stay within a certain food agenda and I psychologically must get over it in my brain. I am slightly hungry. So I eat the rest of my apple around 4:00 p.m. and feel mad at myself. I do not even like those stupid cheesy things. Good grief my HCG partner in this tells me that's not really much of a cheat since it was only a few and they are so tiny. Well for dinner I made myself go without the bread sticks and felt a bit better about cheating. Besides how do you know that it will affect you that much and you can't get back what you do not know. Please please body let a pound go tomorrow. Dinner was a beef stew with tomato as the veggie and orange.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20, 2010, 184.1

Crappy crappy all night. Wanted to go to bed early from feeling so so tired and yet I couldn't sleep. The kids wouldn't be quiet at 1:00 am I had to get up and send them to bed. Couldn't go back to sleep. I have a pounding in the core of my body that is just making me feel crazy. It stops and goes. I have felt it before but I can not remember when that was that it happened. I still feel huge from all the fat food that I am not used to eating. My Blood pressure feels way up even though that hasn't been that way for a few years now. When I get pregnant it always goes up towards the end. My last child it went up half way through and I didn't make it all the way through the amount of time your supposed to stay pregnant. Finally at 6:00 am I feel normal. I got on the scales and gained more. Out of curiosity I got on through out the day and it still stayed the same all day. Ok ok I know your not supposed to do that but I did. I felt pretty good all day. I ate my grissini sticks (found at a health food store) and apple earlier before lunch. I am not sure if I was playing head games with myself or if I was just nervous but I felt like I might starve with the little bit of lunch I was allowed. Hamburger and onion rings fried in water. Oh yeah the Dad took them all to get juicy dripping hamburgers and malts. I sat in the car to avoid the smells after eating my tiny little burger. Fish and asparagus for dinner with melba toasts. The Hubby says "hey why are you not cooking that for me. I like asparagus and fish, well more fish then that though". "Give me a break, I just need to learn and then I will include you in the menu but right now I have to keep my meat at 100 grams so let me learn" I say to him. Besides the kids wont eat fish so why waste it. I ate my apple for a late night snack with aspirin for a raging headache and off to bed.

Note Join the HCGdieters YAHOOGROUP they have great files on the side bar to pull information from like all the names of sugar sneaky manufactures we do not even know what we are eating sometimes because of the disguised names. Some people have good input here but remember they do not agree with HHCG (homeopathic human chorionic gonadotrophin) on this site because they want you to use a Rx brand.
Read about Dr. Simeons way to help hypoglycemia when on this diet. Other tips about why it happens.

Friday, February 19, 2010

February 19, 2010, 182.8 with a BMI of 31.02

Yeah I gained I guess!

It better come off is all I can say to this psychological mess with my head morning. Breath, it will work, just breath girl. Thank goodness no appointments to drive to just be home and stuff my face again, 6 avocados and the last of the cream on granola cereal. I ate even more then that like cheese sticks and Chocolate. I never even used to like much chocolate. I messed up and forgot the noon spray until around 3:oo oops. My body is calling for potassium I can tell so I decide to add this to my water drinking agenda. I cannot eat another thing I am so full I do not even want another thing. I really would like to go for a walk and burn some calories, but I resist and be sedentary. Well tomorrow is the highest weight I will ever be in my life again. This better work or I might find someone to squish!

February 18, 2010 Scales says 181.7

Today I determine to start. This phase is called P2 I skipped what would be called P1 cause I just didn't know how or understand why to do it. The first day you are supposed to stuff yourself with every good fat thing you can manage. Good grief I ate meatballs for breakfast and a 1 lb. bag of chocolate almonds along with all kinds of other things that I will not say. I do not think I have ever eaten so much stuff. I felt very sick by the end of the day. It is a very crazy thought to know that you need to gain or make sure there is good fat in your body before you start this. I never eat in the morning anyway. I had appointments and a three hour drive. I made the strategic relief spots and made it through. I do not feel a big body change yet. Can you believe eating half and half on cereal.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Starting a new way to lose. February 17, 2010, 180. straight up.

So I have spent many years being pretty in shape and still having my babies and losing after and then some major stresses came into my life with my last baby. So for the last year I have tried to lose this weight and get back into a better shape. I have walked on the treadmill and around on our bike paths and played with the WII. Gotten discouraged and started to give up and now found HHCG. A friend of mine used it and lost and she was the same kind of person as me working the tail off to see slim results. I have to admit I had to read about it an really get convinced and understand the ins and outs. Because back in Oct. someone had called me on the phone and told me you could lose weight with this and I laughed. That was a steroid or meant to help kids who won't grow plus isn't it illegal was my reply. I also thought how can I tailor this to the way I have to up and go all the time. Ok just not eat, well that won't help I already had tried that route and you do not lose. What about family parties they are always centered around good foods that I do not have to cook. Also how do you drive three hours drinking tons of water and making it to the next relieving stop? Lets see is there anymore crazy excuses I could come up with. Well I started to drink the assigned amount of water after reading Dr. Simeon's manuscript protocol and felt more energy and all around better. I started that about a week before so I could know all the relief spots on my route. I have always sucked at drinking water. I found adding Stevia with all the amazing flavors it comes in that you can get it down really nicely. I did get a headache it seemed from the add pressure in my tissues; anyway thats my assumption. Well after figuring out all my stopping points on the road to appointment's I got prepared to beginning a new phase of feeling skinny and maybe food deprived for about 23 days. Yeah I can do anything to be smaller again!

Find this Manuscript first and read it not once not twice but over and over again till you get it.
There is a life style change that you must be willing to make.

A RECIPE book I can do this, I think.

I am a terrible cook and can not think up things to cook. Actually I hate cooking. I also do not know a thing about calorie counting. I never had to use it. To often pregnant and then nursing so why learn I always told myself. Besides it wasn't that big a problem until the last two babies. So now that I have a book with recipes that tell me how to cook with this new HCG protocol I think I can do this. If I had to eat chicken the whole time with spinach I wouldn't make it that's for sure.