Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am alive and here is my green hoop house and Garden.

We prepped the ground with lots of fertilizer from of course the cow pens down yonder.

Built a frame that holds the pipe in a curve and wont let if flip up. Laid soaker hoses all over the ground and put plastic over the top.
The last phase will be to put the plastic cover over but since it finally warmed up we will wait till the end of the season to put it on.
I pulled back some of the plastic in the center point to plant little rows of lettuce and radishes and green onions. I figure I can stay ahead of that much weeding space in the inside.
We tried our hand at  a few green beans some grew some did not. Of course these are on the outside because they have a shorter growing season.

Check out that yonder weed patch that sits right on the edge. This years moisture grew all kinds of stuff that is already going brown now that the rain and snow is gone  on a daily bases.
These are onions with some lettuce and chives and carrots of course trying to stay ahead of the weed patch that can take over.
Its been a lovely garden and I am now eating the produce from it.
I started another HCG round to drop the summer no run, few pounds gained. We have had lots of fun picking out the veggies that  are here and now I get to use them to lose the non attentiveness. The kids have kept me so busy with animal raising and then our faraway boy returning has made lots of changes so the pounds crept back on and yikes when the Levis were tight one day after wearing lose summer shorts I got back on the weight management ball, so here's to loosing my summer roll in the middle that I didn't relize was getting back on me.

Where do you put the fat back on?